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  1. Nimrod

    Moon Landing Hoax

    If we don't have the technology to go to the moon today. Why on earth do you believe we went there in 1969? Nasa admits they can't send humans through the Van Allen Belt 51DED8dcNkA yo5w0pm24ic MalYSn_qIU4
  2. Nimrod

    9-11 second strike. There was no plane. Here is the evidence.

    Ace baker goes through how it was done. From the live mistake coined "nose out", the perps did what they could to cover it up. They ended up doing a poor job. Watch and see how a video editor could make it done. And decide for yourselves. Rml2TL5N8ds
  3. Nimrod

    Venezuela most dangerous country, republicanchick

    Here is what we know Venezuela is the most dangerous country Linky Venezuela is 96% Roman Catholic Linky republicanchick is Roman Catholic Connect the dots.
  4. Nimrod

    Request for Real Science Friday. Nuclear Power!

    Plenty of ignorance of radiation. I thought it would be nice to educate the listeners how safe radiation is compared to coal burning. For example, Coal burning causes air pollution which is estimated to be causing 10,000 deaths a year. Nuclear Power will save lives.
  5. Nimrod

    What is Acts 9 Dispensationalism?

    I did a google search, please tell me where it is wrong so I could better understand you better. Ultra Dispensationalism A dispensationalism scheme with more than one dispensation between Pentecost and the Millennial Kingdom. Salvation in certain dispensations may require actions other than...
  6. Nimrod

    Homeschool and social skills

    The biggest argument against homeschool, at least from what I hear, is that their child will have bad social skills. They tell me they 'have seen children who are homeschooled and are very posessive'. 2 points I like to make from my own personal experience going through public school. 1.) The...
  7. Nimrod

    Bob said "Music is neutral"; Do you agree?

    Bob said "Music is neutral". Do you agree? WHy? I don't.
  8. Nimrod

    History Channel supports caller

    I was watching one of the History Channels over the weekend, and they claim the Saddam's mother failed to abort him(Saddam). Did anyone see that show? It was very interesting.
  9. Nimrod

    Liberal and the Holidays

    Bob has/had an ad in a paper about why liberals hate the holidays. Is it just liberals who hate the holidays? I think the holidays are anto-christian.