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  1. Vaquero45

    Vaquero45's SPOTD for 2-8-06 (not sure how to link "context", sorry) This is my first SPOTD award. Clete does a great job of explaining how we should view a government's authority from a Christian world view Great job Clete. :first: SPOTD
  2. Vaquero45

    New homeschooler questions

    Hello, my wife and I are about 90% decided on homeschooling. We have some friends around here who seem to be very good at it, and I'm sure would be happy to help us get started, but I thought I would ask a few things in here also. I read docrob57's thread and that is helpful, one of my...
  3. Vaquero45

    Gino Geraci interviewed Bob Enyart, show available?

    Bob mentioned on a show that he was about to talk to Gino Geraci for an interview. I catch Gino Geraci's show once in a while. Find him interesting, and would like to hear the interview if it is posted somewhere. Thanks for any help, sorry if this is off topic. I looked at Kgov, and Gino's...
  4. Vaquero45

    Bob's "Predestination and Free Will" teaching

    Hi all, I hope this is an appropriate post for this forum, if not please move or remove. I recieved my Bob Enyart Live "Predestination and Free Will" mp3 disc a few days ago, and man is it good. A slam dunk, as far as Im concerned. It also goes a long way for understanding the God we Christians...