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    How to help India in their Covid crisis
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    More than 300 cases of rare blood clot events worldwide!

    Panic Panic! And the blood clots were seen with all the vaccines! Oh no! The Sky is Falling! ...except that 500 million people have already been vaccinated, and these blood clots are not exclusively caused by vaccines- far from it. I think Penicillin is more dangerous. Penicillin and its...
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    Why volunteer for the armed forces?

    Why give up on your personal freedom for years, and possibly risk your life in a war that somebody else decided was worth fighting? Why do people do such a thing?
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    Persecuted Christian Minorities

    There are persecuted Christians all over the world. The first example I can think of is the Copts in Egypt, but there are many others. What examples can you think of? What can be done to help them?
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    Vaccination progress

    We're at about 48% of the population vaccinated here (in Israel). This includes >80% of everybody over age 50 ( at least one 'jab'), and >50% of people over the age of 20. So far the results have been very good, but only time will tell. See here...
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    A promising COVID Treatment

    Still more testing needs to be done- but it's a good start: I'll check if there's been a paper published about...
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    Prayers during Epidemic

    I'm curious as to how group prayers are happening during the epidemic. (Please don't drag the 'there's no pandemic' argument into this thread- that's not the point, and there are plenty of threads about that). For example: I have been participating in outdoor prayers since this began. These are...
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    Moral Obligation

    I asked this question in a different thread: What is a moral obligation? i.e. what does that term mean? Please bring a few examples of moral obligations This was in the context of COVID and Freedom, but the question is a general one. Anybody care to answer?
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    My President Trump Prediction

    Now that it is really all over- the presidential election, and the Georgia senate run-off election- we will see many more Republican politicians distancing themselves from President Trump's election fraud claims. We may also see some prominent Republicans admitting that he was a problematic...
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    So, if this whole COVID crisis is fake and a plot to limit our freedom

    ...then I'd expect it to continue for a long, long time, Why would those evil organizations and governments want it to stop? If it does end soon, say in the next year or so, and we get our freedoms back- it indicates that it was not in fact an evil plot- and the whole thing was real.
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    Covid Vaccination: I'm getting my first dose on Thursday

    It took a half hour on the phone, but I managed to get an appointment for this Thursday, Dec. 24. Second dose Jan. 14. Anybody else lined up for this?
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    How are the Election court cases going?

    It's pretty clear by now that the claims of election rigging had no solid basis. The courts have thrown all these lawsuits out- including courts with many Trump appointees. I noticed "radio silence" on this topic here recently. Anybody willing to admit that it's over?
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    Electoral College: does Winner Takes All make sense?

    Now that the election is behind us, I've been wondering about the Electoral College. One of the odd things about it is that in most States, whichever candidate gets the most votes gets all the electoral college representatives. What is the logic behind this approach? It's not in the...
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    It's December 14, and the Electoral College has voted...

    ...and Joe Biden is formally elected President. For those who are vehemently anti-Democrat or pro-Trump: What will you do? What's next once it's all over?
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    The important thing that is hiding in these elections

    There is something very basic that is being lost with all the rhetoric and mudslinging. Close to half of the US of the US population feels so neglected and rejected by the usual breed of politicians that they will forgive any and all shortcomings of President Trump- anything to change the way...
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    Daily Page of the Talmud

    This may be of interest to some here: There's an international project to study the entire Talmud, one double-sided page per day. It takes 7 1/2 years. A new study cycle started about 9 months ago, and I'm doing this with my wife. It's been a good intellectual focus for us during these difficult...
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    If Mr. Trump was a Democrat

    A thought experiment. What if Trump was a Democrat? Would today's Trump supporters a) excuse his eccentric behavior and leadership failures, just as they do today, or b) would they be screaming for him to go as an inappropriate and failing president? I doubt any will admit it, but I expect b)...
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    Is the Bible "evidence" when it comes to Science?

    This came up in a different thread: Can you prove that Christ was raised from the dead?
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    COVID-19 Herd Immunity

    There's some indication from Brazil that herd immunity can be reached with less than 20% of the population being infected. I hope it's true.
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    Personal Freedom vs. Public Welfare

    When people get organized into groups, they set up rules. Rules that interfere with personal freedom. A church, for example, may have membership dues, or expect you to dress a certain way during prayers, or to be quiet at certain times. The biggest penalty that you may run into if you don't...