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  1. CabinetMaker

    The Other Side of the Columbine Story.

    I came across this video today. This was the event that first brought me to TOL. It is interesting to hear this prospective.
  2. CabinetMaker

    Are You Qualified to be the Executioner?

    There are a couple of threads currently running about executing children and mentally incompetent persons for capitol crimes. Many who support capitol punishment draw all their support from the Old Covenant. But we live under the New Covenant. Jesus was once confronted with the death penalty...
  3. CabinetMaker

    Racisim Today

    My daughter and I got into a discussion regarding racism. She got angry to the point of tears. I am a SIS gendered fiscally conservative socially moderate white Christian male. She is 19 and very liberal. Interestingly, we are very close on what we want to see happen with "race relations."...
  4. CabinetMaker

    A Challenge or Stripe - Can you defend one aspect of Creation Science of your choice?

    Stripe has made the following accusation against people who support the Theory of Evolution: So I issue the following challenge to Stripe: Present one idea that challenges evolution and or support creation as the best possible explanation. Present any of your supporting evidence and...
  5. CabinetMaker

    How do GMO foods harm us?

    I was watching TV the other night and there was an for a product. The add made it clear that the product had no GMO ingredients. So it set me to wondering, How do GMO foods hurt the human body? Do they hurt the environment? If you are opposed to GMO foods can you please explain what your...
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    Is there a defference between an eye for an eye and do to others what ou want done to

    Is there a difference between the Old Covenant “eye for an eye” and the New Covenant “do to others what you want done to you”? There is this passage from Leviticus Leviticus 24:19-21New International Version (NIV) 19 Anyone who injures their neighbor is to be injured in the same manner...
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    The Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy

    Many people think that having more guns in public is a good thing, that if more people were armed, those with bad intentions would be less likely to act. In theory, it sounds great. The reality of the situation is something altogether different. Here is an article:  Combat Vets Destroy the...
  8. CabinetMaker

    Business Man versus Politico as President

    Okay, its not a headline. But, I am intrigued by Donald Trump as President. He is not a political animal, that should be painfully obvious by now, he is a business man. Politics as usual has left this country in some pretty dire straights. More politics wont change that and will most...
  9. CabinetMaker

    ESPY Award for Courage

    I was more than a bit disappointed in the ESPY's last night. I was channel surfing a bit and I saw this VERY masculine looking and sounding "woman" giving a speech. I honestly thought for a moment I had managed to find Rue Paul's Drag Race. Then it dawned on me what was going on. A...
  10. CabinetMaker

    What if ISIS comes to town

    In places in Europe, large communities of Muslims have started Sharia Law patrols. They go out into their neighborhoods and when they find anybody holding hands or kissing or doing anything against Sharia law they step in and stop it. This seems to me like the first step in overthrowing a...
  11. CabinetMaker

    Guns - The Second Round

    I am looking at getting into mounted shooting. I will need two guns that are required to be, ".45 Colt caliber, designed prior to 1898, or reproductions thereof." I don't currently own guns so I am looking for any advice you may have with guns for quick draw. You can see in the video that the...
  12. CabinetMaker

    Seasonal Cooking - Fall

    Labor day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer. School is back under way, days grow shorter and cooler, apples and winter vegetables are being harvested. I thought it would be fun to start a thread about fall cooking. During the summer, our meals are kind of light and cool like...
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    So yesterday I was a bit melancholy about the end of another season of Westernaires. I talked a bit with my daughter who was also feeling a bit down about and we decided that it is a matter of perspective. From her point of view its sad because it will mean that some friendships end. But, as...
  14. CabinetMaker

    A Bitter Sweet Weekend

    This past weekend was a wonderful weekend but it was also bittersweet. My daughter is in Westernaires. They are a mounted drill team and considered to be the finest mounted drill team at speed (a gallop) in the world. My daughter is not quite to that level yet but that is what leads to the...
  15. CabinetMaker

    HELP - Looking for information from an old show

    A couple of years ago I believe Bob had a gentleman on his show who had had a terrible car accident. He died several times in the helicopter and in the ER and the doctors told his wife there was no hope and she should let him go. She put her bible on the floor, stepped up on it, and told the...
  16. CabinetMaker

    New Barn

    One of the major reasons we bought the new house was so that we could build a barn and move our horse in with us. Much much easier to care for. One of the things I have learned from trying to build a new barn is that we have regulated ourselves nearly to death! The property we bought is zoned...
  17. CabinetMaker

    Busy Weekend

    Hear Ye Hear Ye! To all who are interested and even to those who are not, I had a pretty good weekend. The cabinets are now installed in the kitchen. It has taken a while (we bought the house 6/26/09 and ordered the cabinets on 7/13/09. They arrived the second week of August. I'va had a lot...
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    Has radical_logic proved that the resurrection of Christ cannot be established.

    For those of you who have been following the thread, "Can the Resurrection be Established", it is time for a quick poll. Has radical_logic proved that the resurrection cannot be established by adequately demonstrating that the deity of Jesus cannot be established based on available evidence?