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  1. Wamba

    Modern spiritualized swill

    Some people have favorite radio stations. They keep the stations on the presets and like to skip around to their favorites. I mostly despair for my generation as I hear the music, but still scan in hopes of some lonely song that doesn’t reek like an old corpse. I’m from Denver, so I’m going to...
  2. Wamba

    I am disgusted!

    I am disgusted. I am disgusted by the pro life movement. I am disgusted with the Republicans. I am disgusted with our jelly spined Christians who are saying that assisted suicide is alright! I am disgusted with talk show hosts: Hugh Hewit, with Sean Hannity, with Matt Drudge etc. etc. etc...
  3. Wamba

    Wamba's SPOTD 3-1-05

    :BRAVO: By philosophizer... :thumb: Nice post.
  4. Wamba

    Wamba's SPOTD 12-30-04

    :first: I just thought this was a really good post, Knight. :up: