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  1. Totton Linnet

    What Newt Gingrich said

    All Arabs who believe in sharia law should be deported....seems like a good starting point
  2. Totton Linnet

    Mrs May's minister of Trump

    Britain's new Foreign Secretary
  3. Totton Linnet

    God wants YOU to prosper

    I know it will offend you, God's word always come with much offence. When we say to the sinnerman "sinnerman be righteous" he takes great offence at us, so also when we say "sickman arise and be well" it will kindle anger. So also when we find the beggar sat in his stink and say "beggarman gird...
  4. Totton Linnet

    God's wrath begins with Antichrist

    This is the true meaning of Peter's saying that judgement begins with the house of God. People love to puzzle their brains with the Apocalypse but the open statements of Paul are very clear and easy to understand. Antichrist will sit in the temple and declare that he is himself God and the Lord...
  5. Totton Linnet

    God is love

    God is someone who curses all the time hooked up to the right God?
  6. Totton Linnet

    ECT The real crimes of John Nelson Darby

    I've said this before The real crime of Darby is not dispensations, he is not the father of dispensations as people keep saying. Dispensations besides being thoroughly Pauline and biblical have always been taught by the church whether Catholic or Protestant, they were more usually known as...
  7. Totton Linnet

    Jesus had Negro blood

    Jesus had negro blood
  8. Totton Linnet

    ECT I doesn't depend upon God's love for salvation

    I do depend upon God's love and live in His love. But for salvation I depend not upon His love but His holiness. Somebody said I will have to stand before Him and be judged But that is totally contrary to God's holiness, His justice, WHY? Because Jesus has already stood in my place and been...
  9. Totton Linnet

    The nub of the problem JW's have

    By their own testimony They are not saved, not born again, they have never become as Paul says new creatures in Christ Jesus when old things have passed away behold all things have become new. They have never received the eternal life which Christ promised to those who believe on Him. That's...
  10. Totton Linnet

    Is God going to come and kill the JWs?

    NO of COURSE He is not, it is dull and dumb and stupid to think so Yet they and all Unitarians do believe He is going to destroy the Church. It is like the preacher who said God is going to destroy all the homos by a certain date, it is dull and dumb and stupid. God simply doesn't behave in...
  11. Totton Linnet

    ECT What makes Preterism so impossible

    Is the sheer weight of evidence, proof, eyewitness accounts which surround all the other gospel facts. His birth, life, death, burial, resurrection, His being seen by many during 40 days and His ascension. All these facts are solidly testified to But His coming again is with a much greater...
  12. Totton Linnet

    A warning to Evangelicals

    Clinton will go all out from day 1 of her presidency [unless she is stopped] to destroy Evangelical Christianity. Kiss your tax exemptions goodbye
  13. Totton Linnet

    The whole Gospel part 3

    One of the first things you become aware of when you get saved, you find out God is real and you find out that the devil is real too The devil you will see in the gospels follow Jesus around, his crowd don't join the disciples, they are not in the happy throng, they come criticising, finding...
  14. Totton Linnet

    If you do not have gifts of the Holy Spirit...

    ....then what are you sharing on TOL? I know what some are sharing and I know what some others are sharing. Someone will say "I have the Gift, the Holy Spirit is the Gift" I don't have any argument with that, He may dwell with you, He may dwell IN you but if He is ever going to communicate or...
  15. Totton Linnet

    ECT You will never come boldly to the throne of grace until...

    You KNOW That God is not mad at you 'slong as you think He may have a big stick behind His back with which to batter your brains, you'll never be free and at rest in His Presence. When temptation or trouble or trial comes you will never run to Him for help...indeed you will think those...
  16. Totton Linnet

    ECT You'll never fight the devil until...

    You are totally convinced that as far as you are concerned he is TOTALLY just won't, you will always fret that somehow one day he will get you back in his clutches. Until the revelation dawns He is done for like Pharoah and his army were done for at the Red sea, he cain't come...
  17. Totton Linnet

    Isis will be nuked

    They are now warning Israel that they are coming after them, their schools. They said in their message that God has gathered Israel together so that they can be destroyed, this is the leader of ISIS speaking. I have always believed that God has gathered Israel to their land to protect them...
  18. Totton Linnet

    When obedience becomes rebellion

    Everybody but EVERYBODY has to eventually come clean, obedience is an aspiration but an aspiration only. They usually start off like shackles Pretending they have given up everything and are living the perfect Christian life of obedience to Jesu's commands. They never actually say that but it...
  19. Totton Linnet

    Did Kasich just let the cat out of the bag?

    What does HE know that we don't? what's he even doing still in the race? He said in his speech "we are going to go all around the country and back here to Cleveland to pick up the nomination...." Nobody else was that positive, not even Trump or Clinton, they are still saying "if" Is Kasich on...
  20. Totton Linnet

    Violence erupts at Trump rally

    Violence shuts down Trump rally in Chicago