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    ECT When We Fail to See - The Mystery Given to Paul

    Good evenin', friends. If we pause for a moment to reflect on the things of God, and we ask ourselves the following question... "Did someone at sometime know what Christ Jesus told Paul? ...How do we then answer this conundrum? If we open up the Good Book and turn to Colossians 1:26, we find...
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    The Most Dangerous Teaching

    What is the single most dangerous doctrine or teaching today for believers? Look lively, people. :readthis:
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    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    I was riding my horse once late in the day and I we were going at a good clip. I was exhausted, having covered many miles since morning with little rest. As I dozed in the saddle, my horse suddenly came to an abrupt stop. I continued to to move forward, resulting in my going over the horses...
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    The burr under your saddle...

    What's yours? We all, no doubt, have little, seemingly innocuous things, that get to us on a daily basis. Pet peeves, if you will... What are yours? Which of them have hung around for most of your life? What are some new ones? What are the burrs under your saddle?
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    Instruments Musical - Who plays them?

    I've been wondering... ...if anyone here plays a musical instrument. And by play, I don't mean you've seen a picture of one or picked one up in a store and played a note or too. Has anyone taken the time to develop a skill on a particular musical instrument to where you would say you play it...
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    ECT Is the ENTIRE Bible For Everyone?

    Call me wacky, but I believe God and His word. As someone who is frequently among Jews and has tasked myself with witnessing to them of the truth of the risen Lord, I am often asked about the merits of the Bible as a whole. Interestingly (at least to me), it is largely Christians who inquire...
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    Shalom, Y'all!

    I'm back! least I think I am? Let me check, hold on... Yep! I'm back. It's been a spell, and I reckon some of my old friends are hanging around the saloon? Come out and say howdy. I made a fresh batch of biscuits; anyone have any jam? :BillyBob:
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    It's been a spell. What trouble y'all been creating?
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    Hunting Thread

    This thread is for all things related to hunting. It IS for all who have hunted in the past, hunt currently, or may hunt in the future. It ISN'T for those opposed to hunting or guns. I'd be much obliged if you'd respect my wishes in this. Share stories of memorable hunts. Share techniques...
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    Ebenezer Scrooge: Conservative or Liberal?

    Just for fun, what would you say? I read A Christmas Carol every year, and every year I have a different insight into the characters in the story, most particularly Ebenezer Scrooge. For those of you who are familiar with Dickens' work (or, at the very least, a good theatrical version), do you...
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    So, this is my first gun thread...:noid: In my absence, what have I missed, gun-wise? Anyone bought any new toys? Any stories to share? (Anti-gunners keep out!! This is not the thread for you.)
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    The Cowpoke's POTD 01/20/2011

    Originally Posted by Lightbringer: :first: :BRAVO: Gave me chills.
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    Changed by TOL

    How many of you would say that you have changed... ...theologically, politically, etc.... ...since you have been an active participator on TOL. NOTE: This change need not be as a direct result of being on TOL (through the ideas and words of others), although those stories, I think, would be...
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    Good Morning, My name is Ricky and (obviously) I am new to the forums. I am an easy going man with traditional conservative values. My search for God has been a life-long journey, and I look forward to sharing and learning from each of you. I love hearing of people's experiences in their...