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  1. Prizebeatz1

    God is infinite and eternal

    God is infinite and eternal. If Jesus is presumed to be God, then how is he infinite and eternal? In what way? If we conclude that Jesus' spirit is infinite and eternal then we admit the story is not literal. He must not have died for our sins because we are saying a part of God died and is...
  2. Prizebeatz1

    The Ascension

    Do we honestly believe a man was taken up into the sky? It's a fairytale and a myth. It must mean something other than the literal interpretation. What could it symbolize?
  3. Prizebeatz1

    The Holy Spirit points to the soul

    The Holy Spirit is a man-made concept that points to the soul. We can tell because it is conditional and depends on time. The traditional belief is that it did not become available until after Jesus breathed on the apostles. Access to it is therefore conditional upon something happening in time...
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    How many different ways could one interpret the scriptures? Does interpretation come from God or from man? Why does this make a difference? Is the literal translation the only one with merit? Why or why not? Who holds the power to declare which interpretation is most appropriate? Can one...
  5. Prizebeatz1

    Let's talk about the soul

    It's commonly believed the soul is a part of us but we are not a part of it. Where does it say this? Is it possible that the soul is our true identity? Could it be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world because we don't have to identify with the sinful part of us once we know the...