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  1. MrDeets

    The 'Toon Thread

    Since I don't often attend a church service, I find myself killing time in intentionally odd and interesting ways on Sunday mornings as of late. This morning I found several cartoons I think we all can chuckle at, and I thought I'd share a few. I'd like to leave this thread open to post...
  2. MrDeets

    Alcoholics Anonymous(kinda)

    My name is Josh, and I'm an alcoholic. I am working on day 39 of my sobriety, and I don't know much, but I know I won't drink today. That being said, I searched for a similar thread to no avail, so I thought I'd start one so that any of us that would like/need another place to talk/vent/be...
  3. MrDeets

    The NEW-UPDATED 10 TOL Commandments

    #4 STILL giving people fits.... :madmad:
  4. MrDeets

    I'm out!

    I'm out! Its been fun. To those of you with whom I've spent time conversing and sharing, I'll miss you, and wish you all the best. I'm still sober, the family is better than ever, and the wife and I have found a new joy in each other. Knight, thank you for this awesome place, and thank you for...
  5. MrDeets

    Who said it?

    Who said the following things? Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty or a member of the Islamic State? I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to ISIS and their actions, FTR. This is just food for thought.... 1) “Here is a news flash for America. Fame cannot remove your sin. And all of the money you ever amass...
  6. MrDeets

    Wife is Not Getting an Abortion!!

    I'm in hysterics. My wife wants and is planning to get an abortion. She is 8 weeks. Please pray to god or Yahweh or whoever you pray to. My heart cannot take this. Josh
  7. MrDeets

    MrDeets' Smackdown/Post of the day 6/19/12

    :first: :BRAVO:
  8. MrDeets

    MaryContrary with a SMACKDOWN!! POTD

    :first: :BRAVO::BRAVO::BRAVO::BRAVO:
  9. MrDeets

    JohnW. POTD Wow.

    I am definitely an OSAS kind of guy, but this post hit me in the chest. THIS is why I hope JohnW stays around for a LONG time. Thanks, John for this post. :first: ****
  10. MrDeets

    Excited to be here!

    I fell into this site while reading about open theology by way of the Battle Royal and I had to join! I have enjoyed reading some of your posts/sarcasm/rants/ideas over the past day or two. I'm looking forward to learning more about Christ, refining/strengthening some of my beliefs, and sharing...