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  1. lukecash12

    A question from a newbie

    I've received a visitor message. However, I'm not sure how to respond to visitor messages or even if I can. So far I've looked at several sticky threads but they haven't been any help.
  2. lukecash12

    Your favorite sacred music Bach's Mass in B is without a doubt my favorite, primarily for what I believe is the heart of the Mass. Et incarnatus est (1:02:33), crucifixus (1:05:38), and et resurrexit (1:08:39) address the very heart of Christianity; I can't imagine a more...
  3. lukecash12

    Salutations all

    For those interested, my name is Luke. I'm an irishman, a private person, musicologist and virtuoso musician, a Christian, and a know-it-all jackass. At least, that's what a scholar is essentially, right? In terms of theology, I am non-denominational and relate to Christians of all different...