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    Atheist Morality

    Nice try, but wrong. What God has done is given man the free will to choose the good or the evil. Damnation waits for those who choose evil Nobody talks about hell more than Jesus.
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    Trump Endorsement Streak Soars to 55-0

    Trump Endorsement Streak Soars to 55-0 After J.D. Vance and others secured GOP nominations in primaries Tuesday, former President Donald Trump ran his endorsement record this primary election cycle to...
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    Are your kids being shown pornographic images in school by teachers?

    How long must good people put up with the Satanic American Left? All these horrible people are all democrats.
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    Democrats Pervert Children - Ten Stories for you to Consider

    Those are the democrat party forces that good Americans fight against.
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    End of Roe Vs Wade?

    Yes, they lit the World Trade Center up pink to celebrate, remember? Horrible.
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    Pre Election Fake News About Jobs

    Meh . . . I don't really buy into that. Did God want Hitler? Stalin? Mao? Did God want Hitler to gas 6 million Jews? I don't think so.
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    Democrat On Democrats

    Yah, it was. He won, simple as, fact.
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    Wokey McWokeface

    All of a sudden they can define what a woman is
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    New York’s Attempt to File Criminal Charges Against Trump Fails Miserably

    The man who God sent to save babies from murder will not be taken down by the Left and its creatures that slither and crawl on their bellies
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    Biden's abysmal ignorance of science and religion

    A fool, liar and fraud. The worst sort of politician. No, he was all that before too. He is a national disgrace.
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    How Convenient. All the Bad News Disappeared

    Post #2 = All false statements and fake news.
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    O’Reilly: Biden is Toast

    It will sure help though. Yes. Thats why we use ALL tools in the toolbox. Voting is but one. And yet we can thank him for Roe being overturned.
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    Pre Election Fake News About Jobs

    Whether that is accurate or not, it still stands today that party lines are generally drawn: Democrats support abortions, gay marriage and transgenderism. socialism, CRT, open borders . . . all things that are bad. Republicans do not. Voting for a party and its planks & platforms still...
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    End of Roe Vs Wade?

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    End of Roe Vs Wade?

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    End of Roe Vs Wade?