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    Interested in learning the real Islam?

    Books by Christian Prince: Many different languages. Soon Spanish also. Many excellent YouTube videos. Watch out when he says to a Muslim 'Are you...
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    Information on how to defend your faith when confronted with Islam

    Christian Prince is his name and he is awesome when it comes to showing the foolishness of Islam. Here is one of the latest video he did: The Most Dangerous Animals on Earth There is NO Allah Because Allah said SO (:BRAVO:)...
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    I thought protecting your country's border was a form of racism

    Mexican president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador plans to establish a distinct border-police force to combat illegal immigration as well as drug and weapon smuggling from Central America, his future chief of public security Alfonso Durazo told Bloomberg in an interview published Monday...
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    Anyone one else receiving this message when trying to log into theologyonline?

    This is a 'deceptive site' --- all in red and menacing.
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    The Trinity

    Look for the ones that are marked with a red dot, but I think you are correct that eventually they are pushed down and you can't find them anymore.
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    Democrats Pass House Resolution Condemning Americans Who Speak Against Islam

    Muslims are 1% of the population and sharia is already being enforced on the American people. Speak out now and prepare to take action or, as history has proven, your children and theirs will be the victims of Islamic supremacy and they will have to fight the physical war to defeat Islam. It’s...
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    Obama Care Not so Difficult after all

    These 3 Graphics Made Me Realize ObamaCare Isn't So Bad After All!
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    Scissors Also Hurts and Kills Like Guns do

    I wonder who will start wanting a law so that we no longer are sold scissors:
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    We need to pray

    Horrible and graphic images showing punishment from the religion of peace:
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    Definition of Death

    Death in the Bible DOES NOT mean non-existence. The problem is that the definition of death is wrong since according to the Holy Scriptures death does not mean non-existence, but rather refers to the separation that resulted from Adam's rebellion against God. The Scriptures tell us that as a...
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    Unbelievable! But What is New!

    Saudi Arabia: Women Banned from Switching on 'Immoral' Air Conditioning by Islamic Cleric:
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    Predestination and/or Free Will?

    Since the first day I entered this site one of the first topics I was confronted with was that some people are predestined to be saved and some people are predestined to be lost and there is nothing they can do about it. It caught me by surprised and I found myself so confused that I even...
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    Jesus Christ IS God

    Thank you Keypurr for letting me know that I had started another Trinity thread. That was not my intention. I do not want Lon to get mad at me. I can do that all on my own. :bang: :hammer: Besides, Lon, does not strike me as being an angry person, from some of the responses I...
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    Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

    “Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men” (Matthew 12:31). When Jesus was accused of casting out demons by the power of Satan, when in reality He was doing it through the Power...
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    I Believe in God, but Not Jesus

    God talk is an incredibly delusional activity. The number of people who say they “believe in God” but who do not believe in Jesus is alarmingly high, especially in regions of the world that are culturally/nominally Christian. The sentiment is nearly everywhere. “I believe in God. I say my...
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    Request 4 Letsargue

    Letsargue, I have been in this post probably three weeks, if that much, and was looking for concise, solid Christian information. I saw one of your posts and I said, 'good title', let me see what I can glean from it and then I found this: This is for all those who lie and use the lie - of not...