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  1. SOTK

    Hello, hello, hello...

    Howdy, TOL! Long time no chat! Hope all is well with all of you and TOL! Much has changed with me since I last participated and frequented these forums! I left a 17 year career about 4 1/2 years ago. It's a long story. Needless to stay, I and my family, more or less, started over. I went back...
  2. SOTK

    Hello, again, TOL!

    SOTK here....again. Been quite a while since I logged in and posted here. I click on TOL every once and a while to peak in. Thought maybe I'd post this time and possible try my hand, once again, at contributing to the community although probably not to the extent (quite yet) as i once did. I...
  3. SOTK

    The Moron Thread

    I created a thread entitled "Revelation on the moronic" for Squeaky. Nori suggested that I change the title of the thread to "The moron thread" since we have so many loose on the boards rights now. :chuckle: I thought I would leave my thread for Squeaky intact, but start this one! :devil...
  4. SOTK

    Hey, will you look at that?

    Werewolffan98 and runswithwolves have the same birthday and are the same age! :noway: It's small world indeed! :rolleyes: :dunce:
  5. SOTK

    SOTK's SPOTD 8-19-2005

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    SOTK's SPOTD 5-15-05

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    SOTK's Dumb POTD!

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  8. SOTK

    Stupid Post of the Day 4-17-05

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  10. SOTK


    A Little late, I know!!!! But I am SOTK'S WIFE.... I wanted to thank everyone for the christmas cards. It was very nice. I am sorry I did nto send ours out on time. Next year though...Promise... :jump: :doh:
  11. SOTK

    What's the problem?

    Before I begin what I want to say, I must admit that I am new to learning about Calvinism. I just recently started reading and studying about this so please excuse my ignorance....I'm learning. I became interested in Calvinism a few weeks ago when it was mentioned by an Adult Bible Fellowship...
  12. SOTK

    SOTK's SPOTD 6-23-04

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    SOTK's SPOTD 2-21-04

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    SOTK's SPOTD 2-7-04

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    SOTK's SPOTD 2-1-04

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    SOTK's SPOTD 1-27-04

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    SOTK's SPOTD 1-25-04

    Great post, BT! Great correction! :first:
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    SOTK's SPOTD 1-19-03

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    SOTK's SPOTD 1-18-04

    Context Awesome post, brother! :first: Keep up the great work! In Christ, SOTK
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    SOTK's Pick 12-14-03

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