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  1. Quetzal

    We are about to enter Trump's last year of his first term, how did he do?

    For those of you who voted for Trump in the 2016 election, how has he held up? Are there some things you would like to see him focus on if he gets the nod again in 2020? What do you think he did well? Did he deliver on a promise you were looking forward to? Happy Sunday!
  2. Quetzal

    Bill Nye Gets a New Show!

    Source. I am pretty excited. I like the things he advocates for and I grew up with the Science Guy! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!
  3. Quetzal

    Space, rockets, NASA, etc.

    -Take Two! Falcon 9 Landing at Sea This has been picking up quite a bit of media attention of the last few weeks. What is your take? Are these sorts of technologies and innovations worth federal investment? Why or why not? What kind of future do you see for NASA when compared to private...
  4. Quetzal

    Official SES-9 Launch Thread!

    Good morning! Today is LAUNCH DAY! For those keeping score at home, this will be the fourth attempt at the launch of the SES-9 communications satellite aboard the Falcon 9 by SpaceX. Here is a quick mission rundown for tonight's launch! Launch Window: 3/1/16:: 6:35pm-8:05pm EST Launch...
  5. Quetzal

    SpaceX Launch Tonight!

    The SpaceX launch last night was postponed to tonight due to weather and temperature problems. With that said, now is a great time to look at the supporting cast for the SpaceX launches! Just Read the Instructions and Of Course I Still Love You! These two ladies are the autonomous spaceport...
  6. Quetzal

    97% and Climate Change

    I realized that I wasn't quite sure where exactly the 97% figure came from. I found this article that summarized it nicely. The 97% and Climate Change The statistic came from... The article goes on to describe some possible causes and models for the future, but at least now we can agree...
  7. Quetzal

    Earth, Space, and Beyond!

    This morning I got to watch the launch (online) of an Atlas V rocket carrying the GPS IIF-12 satellite. This is the second launch I have gotten to watch on a live stream and I plan on seeing one in person at some point this year. I love watching these, my favorite part is the launch status...
  8. Quetzal

    From my family to yours...

    I was able to wrangle AB's sombrero away from him for just a moment for him to pose for my holiday card this year. With that in mind, from my family to yours...
  9. Quetzal

    Saudis announce Islamic anti-terrorism coalition

    This is great news, however, there are some concerns... Full article here. Food for thought: Do you think this kind of coalition will be effective. Why or why not? Israel has not joined the coalition, what do you think of that? With the end goal in mind, do you think this will strengthen or...
  10. Quetzal

    Five Things You Need To Know About The Paris Climate Deal

    A momentous event! Wonderful news and gives me hope that the rest of the world is making strides despite a very ignorant base in the US stomping their feet pretending that this doesn't exist! Excerpt: Link to full article.
  11. Quetzal

    The Funnies

    In another thread, Bybee and I were discussing comic strips. I remember when I was younger my grandad would call the comic section "The Funnies" and we would read them together. So, I thought why not make a thread where we can share some of our favorite comic strips. The goal is to make this...
  12. Quetzal

    Let's try that again...

    So, I have been thinkin... I have been in pretty mean spirits recently. Taking jabs and creating threads that I am not at all proud of. I want to try to make amends and try to be better. Truth be told, I like this place and I may be overly critical of the members here. I knee jerk too often and...
  13. Quetzal

    Dear Conservative Nutters...

    Why don't you just leave this country? I see so many threads and posts whining and complaining about how bad everything is. The government is corrupt, the liberals have apparently taken everything over, and the sky is falling. Why stay? Let's face it, it isn't going to get any better for you...
  14. Quetzal

    Pope Francis: 'Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters'

    Source Good on the Pope! Especially when fear is running rampant, I am happy to see a Christian leader taking the high road.
  15. Quetzal

    More Lunacy from the Trump Camp...

    Source I feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up in this cartoon character's whirlwind.
  16. Quetzal

    Princeton considers dropping Woodrow Wilson name after protests

    More here... Thoughts?
  17. Quetzal

    Help Understanding Something...

    I need some help understanding something. There is this very common trait that I see in quite a few members here. It drives me bananas and I am trying to figure out why it happens so often. Why do members here have such a difficult time differentiating between two things that are clearly...
  18. Quetzal

    Mali attack: Special forces storm hotel attacked by Islamists

    Source The worst part is I do not see a solution to this situation (as a whole). Not really sure what needs to be done next.
  19. Quetzal

    Q's Post of the Day

    Tambora sends a heater down the pipe in "On Rape (the original statement)" in a reply to Ok Doser. :first:
  20. Quetzal

    Hillary Says It’s OK That She Takes Wall Street Money Because of Women and 9/11

    I am a leftie myself and I cringed at this. Take a look... Source Really? Really? Man, how can I make fun of Trump for making stupid comments when Hillary follows up with this. :rolleyes: