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  1. Real Sorceror

    Real Sorceror's POTD - 8/27

    This post of the goes to EMETH. :first: Up until a few days ago, I had no idea that he and I actuallu see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues related to parenting and children's rights. He also has good taste in anime.
  2. Real Sorceror

    Foul Play.

    Thats real cute, Lighthouse. I make a comment about you, and suddenly I have a dozen neg reps by people I've never even heard of. Real mature, buddy.
  3. Real Sorceror

    Do they support the ShadowGov?

    I'm wondering why more people arent debating on the following threads: >The ShadowGov. >More Homo Murder. >Real Sorceror wants to murder me. Has no one noticed this topic, or do they simply not care? Or is it that they actually support Bob Eynart's Shadow Government?
  4. Real Sorceror

    Not really a sorceror

    Is too late to introduce myself? I kinda jumped into TOL's religion forum headfirst without knowing the views and temperments of anyone here. I think I know where most of you stand now. If you cant tell yet, I have many beliefs that are completely contrarey to what most Christiens believe to be...