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  1. glassjester

    Bring Back Lobotomies

    Psshhh, I got mine done yeeears ago.
  2. glassjester

    Pet Peeves

    You don't count Mississippis?
  3. glassjester

    Robb Elementary School shooting

    If they had their way, the heroic woman (but not the would-be killer) in that story would've been unarmed.
  4. glassjester

    Bring Back Lobotomies

    Took a short (5 year) hiatus. What'd I miss?
  5. glassjester

    Bring Back Lobotomies

    I meant that they should be lobotomized before committing a capital offense. Some sick loser gets caught torturing animals? Lobotomy.
  6. glassjester

    Bring Back Lobotomies

    It's the only cure for violent psychopaths.
  7. glassjester

    25% of Dutch people who died in 2017 were euthanized

    This is the slippery slope of "assisted suicide." In 2018, in the Netherlands, 67 people were euthanized due to mental illness...
  8. glassjester

    Questions About Fasting

    Is fasting a part of your spiritual life? How often or how long have you fasted? How has it helped you grow in your relationship with God?
  9. glassjester

    Is this real? 17-Year-Old Sues Parents for Being Born White White Man's Burden 2.0
  10. glassjester

    Doctor admits he loves abortion I've been told on TOL that no pro-choicers love abortion. But there are abortion lovers - the people who promote it and want it to continue to happen. The people who think abortion is a right...
  11. glassjester

    British doctors determine death is in infant's "best interest" (again) Too familiar. Is this a new norm emerging?
  12. glassjester

    Three Men Marry (each other) in Colombia "Same sex marriage will never lead to polygamy," they said. "That slippery slope argument is nonsense," they said.
  13. glassjester

    Oregon takes couple's kids away because of IQ test There's no evidence of neglect or abuse. The parents have IQ scores of 72 and 66. So the government has decided that they are not allowed to raise children. Sounds a bit like eugenics.
  14. glassjester

    Star Trek License Plate Offends Canadians

    From: ASIMIL8 is too offensive to indigenous people... say 2 Canadians. Therefore the guy with this plate has to surrender it. Two people complained about it...
  15. glassjester

    Is Biological Sex Real?

    Tambora's thread about biology vs. feelings opened up a whole new can of worms. The overall gist of the opposition to the OP seems to be the claim that no one is objectively male or female. Biologically, no one is a man or a woman. This, if true, is certainly news to me. I suspect this...
  16. glassjester

    What Happened to Cruciform?

    Anyone know?
  17. glassjester

    Is White Privilege Real?

    What are the specific privileges one is given by simply being white, in present-day America? Are there any at all? And who, specifically, is giving those privileges to white people?
  18. glassjester

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    So is our planet a disc floating in space? Does it orbit the sun? Or is that thrown away, in your theory, too?
  19. glassjester

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    Alright, thanks. So what's on the other side of it?