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  1. The Barbarian

    Trump begins lame duck exercises

    Sec. of Defense Mark Esper fired. He had angered Trump by saying that US military forces should not be used for law enforcement.
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    Vets For Trump boss is one of two men arrested over ‘Philly vote count attack plot

    A VETS For Trump boss is one of two men arrested over an alleged Philly vote count attack plot after the armed pair arrived in a QAnon Hummer. Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio Lamotta, 61, both from Chesapeake, Virginia, were booked on Thursday night after cops were alerted to an alleged plot to...
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    Consequences ensue for Trump

    Trump's own bank throws him under the bus for bad debts. Maybe.
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    "Laughable. Small, pitiful, and irrelevant."

    "Laughable. Small, pitiful, and irrelevant." People were expecting major disorders and insurrections if Trump lost and refused to concede. Maybe we were wrong. We can hope.
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    What happens if Trump loses but refuses to concede?

    What happens if Donald Trump loses the US election, but refuses to concede? Donald Trump has refused to guarantee he will leave office if he is declared the loser of the election. If he tries to stay, this is what happens next. ,,,Even if the authorities do not march Mr Trump from the White...
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    Denmark educates ditzy Fox commentator

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    Fire one of them...

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    Texas Court Shoots Down Republican Voter Suppression Attempt.

    Maybe they will go to a federal court to get it done?
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    Trump and his followers are getting desperate

    Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway ‘Ambush’ by MAGA Cavalry Joe Biden’s presidential campaign canceled a Friday event in Austin, Texas, after harassment from a pro-Trump contingent. Texas has emerged as a battleground state in Tuesday’s presidential election, with polls showing the...
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    Trump's debts mount

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    Trump wants reporting on coronavirus to be illegal

    President Donald Trump on Monday accused the American media of trying to illegally interfere in the 2020 presidential election by accurately reporting on the novel coronavirus pandemic. “We have made tremendous progress with the China Virus, but the Fake News refuses to talk about it this close...
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    And you knew some idiot would come up with this one:

    Republican Sen. Mike Lee said fact-checking is a form of censorship
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    Chicago police say woman stabbed store employee 27 times

    The Chicago Police Department said a woman stabbed a store employee 27 times while another woman held him by the hair after they were asked to wear a face mask inside a store. The attack occurred around 6 p.m. Sunday at an undisclosed store in the West Side, police spokeswoman Karie James told...
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    The rats are turning on each other

    Trump ally attacks Lindsey Graham.
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    Barr not cooperating with Trump campaign

    ‘Where are all of the arrests?’: Trump demands Barr lock up his foes The day-long run of tweets and retweets marked the most frantic stretch of Trump’s public activity since he left Walter Reed. During a Fox &...
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    Trump did better this time...

    but still came up short. He tried to make something out of the various Hunter Biden stories, but it probably hurt him in doing so. From a friendly source for Trump: Trump certainly did better in the second round than he did in the first debate in Salt Lake City at the end of last month. With...
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    Borat entraps Rudy

    Warning: he wasn't just "tucking in his shirt." Cohen burst in before things went too far. This was kind of a cruel prank on a guy barely more aware than Donald Trump, who actually believed Rudy's explanation for everything. Trump's lawyer steps into...
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    Trump campaign pulls out of another state

    President Donald Trump’s campaign is not currently running television or radio ads in Michigan and its allied super PAC has been dark in the state for most of July, a possible indication that the key Upper Midwestern battleground is beginning to fall out of reach. The Trump campaign stopped...