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  1. IMJerusha

    Reconciling Ministries

    "Reconciling Ministries Network is committed to the local church, especially helping communities go through a discernment process on how your congregation, Sunday School class, campus ministry, or other small group can be actively welcoming all people" This is the statement of purpose for the...
  2. IMJerusha

    Birthday blessings, Levolor!

    With love, from the Body of Yeshua!
  3. IMJerusha


    Some of the ads here are in very poor taste. A lot of them are inhibiting the reading of and responding to threads. Many of them are carrying malware. They're very invasive and distracting, especially the theology one that pops in on the lefthand side of the page.
  4. IMJerusha

    A Humble Request

    Would it be possible to add a rule here? Is it right that people make outright declarations, intimations, insinuations, that someone isn't saved? I've been told this. I've had people tell me I'm telling them this by virtue of my understanding of Yeshua's words. I would never tell anyone...
  5. IMJerusha

    Hello one and all!

    Just a wee hello to introduce myself. Hope you're all having a lovely evening/morning/afternoon...whatever!