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  1. ok doser

    Oppressed Freedom Fighting Palies Launch Mostly Peaceful Bottle Rockets, Evil Zionists ...

    ... respond by murdering innocent women and children Film at 11
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    "I'm A Teacher"

    The level of stupid here. Crazy lady: "You scared me and made me think you were going to murder me" Cop: "OK well I'm sorry you feel that way" Crazy lady: "It's not just a feeling, you're a murderer"
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    Weapons of Mass Destruction

    This had slipped under my radar. This is the new definition of WMD that the FBI is using. From Wiki: Within U.S. civil defense organizations, the category is now Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE), which defines WMD as: Reporting on the riots last year in...
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    BLM Riots? Not In Florida

    Flashcards for the retards:
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    Filed Under "Couldn't Make This Stuff Up"

    White mother, cop, angrily rants about BLM in front of son and son's friends (one of whom is a negro, who posted on social media in support of defund the police) and is charged with assault. For telling him to leave her house. In other news, writers for The Onion admit defeat, saying...
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    Maxine Waters, Unamerican Disgrace

    Inciting a riot and attempting to interfere in an ongoing trial
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    Leaders and Losers

    Leader! Florida Governor Ron de Santis
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    Could this be why Biden et al wants open borders?
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    English Subjects

    Sorry, sheeple, you no longer qualify as citizens. Do as your overlords demand. Obey. Conform.
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    The End Of The Republic

    Bill HR1 and so much more
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    Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

    You would think that in today's world of ubiquitous cameras recording everything, race baiting scumbags like this first woman wouldn't try to get away with something that was so easily disproven. And police forces are finally learning to get ahead of the curve and releasing body cam footage...
  12. ok doser

    "Murdering" a Murdering Murderer - One Less Antifa

    Yay! 🥳🥳🥳
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    Black White Supremacist Anti-Asian Racism

    This guy tells it better than I can although the people who need to hear this won't listen to him any more than they listened to me. The overwhelming majority of the "increase" in hate crimes against Asians as provided by FBI data is from black perpetrators. Not Trump supporting racist white...
  14. ok doser

    Joe the Rapist to Hold Press Conference!

    Next Thursday
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    Domestic Terrorism

    Antifa, the lie of "social justice" Attacking the Federal Couthouse with firebombs and weapons. But definitely NOT an insurrection Thanks Joe, you filthy rapist! Thanks Ho, you filthy traitor!
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    London Police Kidnap and Murder

  17. ok doser

    Unhinged Leftists, Lockdowns Don't Work and More!

    Democrats WANT: Open borders More illegal immigration
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    Taxpayer Funded Abortions, from Joe the Rapist

    Who is surprised by this?
  19. ok doser

    Joe the Rapist To Address Nation Tonight

  20. ok doser

    BLM Harassing White Children

    And the MSM? :crickets: