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  1. Derf

    Chalk up one more Covid death, courtesy Donald Trump

    But I agree with the blame going to Trump, and I'm willing to give a pass to those who want to count it as a Covid death. I'm glad to see it.
  2. Derf

    Death and How to Comfort the Family-Part 2

    Hi Sherman . I feel like the thread,, had a lot of potential. The two main views were indeed evoking bickering, but both were bringing out relevant...
  3. Derf

    Death and how to comfort the family

    A good friend's wife passed away last year. The phrase I heard most during the funeral as the attendees, including her surviving spouse, was some form of "She's in a better place now." She was a believer, so I don't think the phrase was forced, but I've been wondering how valid that phrase is...
  4. Derf

    What if climate change is real and human caused--what should Christians do about it?

    If the bible gives wisdom for all occasions, then it should be able to handle this: Let's say, for argument's sake, that Global Climate change is a fact, and that it is caused by humans. What then should we as Christians do about it? I'll suggest up front that while some of the secular...
  5. Derf

    What is death? What is resurrection? And why do we care?

    I'm starting this thread to keep from clogging up another one (What is the Gospel? started by Sonnet) with rabbit trails. These are two responses I had to a post or two in the other thread, and I wanted to answer them without hijacking Sonnet's. For now, I'm just starting the thread as a...
  6. Derf

    ECT Joshua's Long Day--Does it mandate a Geocentric Cosmology?

    This was lifted from another thread (about flat earth and fake moon landings) where it didn't really fit the topic. Ask Mr. Religion, always a good source for biblical information, brought up that the passage in Joshua 10 about the sun standing still can only refer to a geocentric...
  7. Derf

    Theology Club: How could God truthfully threaten to "consume" the Israelites in Ex 32:10?

    From a conversation with Jerry Shugart (here), there was a disagreement about whether God was really threatening to destroy Israel and raise up a nation from Moses, or if it was an idle threat just as a test of Moses. Here's the passage (with the primary verses for this conversation...
  8. Derf

    What will our resurrected bodies be like according to the bible?

    I'm looking for what people think about our resurrected bodies. I'm a bit argumentative at times, but I will try to refrain a bit here. I mainly would like to hear opinions and I would like to know the biblical basis of your opinion.
  9. Derf

    Theology Club: How God might have raised up Cyrus (ref Is 44:28 and 45:1)

    One of the arguments against Open Theism is the section of Isaiah that deals with Cyrus--even naming him by name as the chosen vehicle for rescuing God's people. The argument goes like this (from Bruce Ware as quoted by
  10. Derf

    Theology Club: Open Theism Destroys Arminianism??

    I should probably apologize up front for this,--for asking a question that's already answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. I read once, from a Calvinist, that one good thing that has come from Open Theism is that it destroys Arminianism. My questions are: Who said/wrote it (I'm...
  11. Derf

    Theology Club: Open View and Preterism

    I'm not originally either Open Theistic or Preteristic, but as I've moved in the Open direction, I've also become more intrigued with preterism. I haven't settled on either yet (I'm more of a Open Open Theist, rather than a Settled Open Theist :)), but would appreciate some feedback from others...
  12. Derf

    Theology Club: What if God needed Adam to fall early on?

    I'm just trying to think this thing through. I'm inclined toward the open view of the future, but in some cases it tends to wrap back around toward something that looks Calvinistic. For example, Adam and Eve in the garden... Here's my scenario. God decides to create a being that can...
  13. Derf

    Problem getting to Creation vs Evolution

    I can't seem to get MichaelCadry's Creation vs Evolution thread to load anymore. Anyone else having trouble with it? Is it too big?
  14. Derf

    Intro to Derf

    I guess this is where we get to try out the posting tools before we lambast someone with it? Just kidding. Been reading the site for awhile, starting with one of the battle Royales (on Open Theism), but just decided to join. First impressions are that there are a lot of people here that...