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  1. Aimiel

    How's your Governor or Mayor Doing at COVID-19 Legislation?

    Here in Michigan, it's whack-a-doodle!!! Governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued confusing and arbitrary nonsense orders. You can't buy seeds but you can buy Easter candy or lottery tickets. You can't ride a jet-ski or other motorboat but you can ride a canoe. You can't go to your vacation home or...
  2. Aimiel

    This Just In: Jesus' Funeral is Cancelled due to His Ascension

    He is RISEN! Praise God!!! Happy Easter everyone! :thumb:
  3. Aimiel

    Prejudice, Plain and Simple

    Hannity: Michelle Obama's divorced dad comment 'insulting' Did former first lady Michelle Obama mean to demean divorced fathers? Obama, in an interview with late-night host Stephen Colbert, compared America to a teenager and life under President Trump to living with a divorced father...
  4. Aimiel

    I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag...

    Ilhan Omar's comment that those of us who are American who support Israel are pledging allegiance to a foreign nation is correct. We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all...
  5. Aimiel

    Deep State and Kooks in Charge

    The Deep State is clearly obvious: those who oppose the President just because he doesn't play politics. He can't be bought and doesn't give in to the press or to the left, unless their criticisms make sense. Sadly, most of them don't. There are kooks in charge of the 'party line' and their...
  6. Aimiel

    Anti-Trust Law Changes

    Finally, someone proposing chopping up tech giants!!! Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who is bidding to be the policy pacesetter in the Democratic presidential primary, championed another expansive idea on Friday evening in front of a crowd of thousands in Queens: a...
  7. Aimiel

    Pregnant with Cancer

    The following was posted only after receiving permission from Knight... A family friend is pregnant and is going through chemotherapeutic cancer treatment. They need help and support right now. Please pray and give whatever The Lord lays on your heart to help them with. They're at $930.00 of a...
  8. Aimiel

    Two Rivers Prophesy

    I just read one of the best prophetic visions I've ever read. Here's an excerpt from the article... The Lord and I were together in a great valley that stretched several miles in each direction from where we were standing. The Lord led me to the banks of this river and it was a relatively wide...
  9. Aimiel

    Jamie sets Gurucam Straight_Aimiel's POTD 19MAY10

    :first: OK, you got Aimiel's POTD!!! :thumb:
  10. Aimiel

    Will the Tea Party Become America's Third Party?

    I believe it will. Democrats and Republicans alike, who recognize that both parties have abandoned Americans in favor of their favorite corporations are starting a grass-roots organization in favor of government of, by and for: the people.
  11. Aimiel

    Will The Son of Man Find Faith in You?

    Luke 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? I pray that He finds faith in you (as well as myself) when He does return. So many are focused on 'looking' Christian or doing activities with church-groups; I...
  12. Aimiel

    Aimiel's SPOTD from CattyFan!!!

    Excellent post. This really did get out-of-hand for no reason at all. Thank you!!! :thumb: :first: See original thread HERE.
  13. Aimiel

    Aimiel's SPOTD

    :first:In Tarek's, "What are you main Grudges against Islam?" thread, YahuShuan posted an essay that needs to be applauded: Sooo TRUE!!! Thanks, Yahu. :wave: OK, Tarek, let's see if you can climb out of that muck. :stuck: Original post: HERE. Thread opening post: HERE. P.S. It was just...
  14. Aimiel

    Aimiel's POTD: Abortion

    :first: Excellent post, Stipe!!! :thumb: Context:
  15. Aimiel

    Aimiel's POTD 28JAN07

    PastorKevin (once again) disputes universalists... Very succinct and it reveals where your heart is. Great post. You inspired me to award you my P. O. T. D. :first: Context can be found HERE I've never read a more succinct summary of The Gospel. What a great testimony Kevin has. A man after...
  16. Aimiel

    Aimiel's POTD for 09MAR06

    Posted by Quasar 1011: Excellent post, Quasar!!! :thumb: :first: :the_wave: Original post # 97 in thread, "questions for Islamgr8.":
  17. Aimiel

    A Chicken Laid Our Bibles

    A Traveler's Story A Chicken Laid Our Bibles My grandfather had an amazing memory. When other members of his family came to join him in rural Gansu province, he taught us about Christ from the fragments of verses he learned from a pastor. In 1995 my grandfather gathered us all together. He...
  18. Aimiel

    Aimiel's Post of The Day for 14FEB06

    Big Mouth Nana (BMN) posted: To which Just Tom replied with a beautiful post, my pick for today's :first: POTD: Thank you Tom, for saying just what I was thinking!!! Keep it up. Thread: Should homosexuals be given the death penalty? (post 1541)
  19. Aimiel

    Aimiel's POTD for 16DEC05

    :first: Good job, Knight. :thumb: KNIGHT'S RESPONSE: Our responsibility is not to the world system and nations but to the Kingdom of love, joy. peace, patience, meekness, humility etc etc. God teaches us how we should act individually and He also teaches us how we should act...
  20. Aimiel

    Aimiel's POTD 19MAY05

    Journeyman's Post Captures TOL Spirit :first: (see text below that Aimiel has underlined) CONTEXT