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  1. The Horn

    Banned Again . Why ?

    I was banned for a couple a days until this Wednesday . Why ? For supposedly being "too disruptive "? Huh ? How am I to know what the web management considers to be " "disruptive " here ? All I was doing was voicing my usual disagreements with members . I didn't insult anyone, use...
  2. The Horn

    Disagreeing Is Not "Trolling !

    I just received another infraction here . Just for disagreeing . This isn't "trolling ". Trolls, genuine trolls, that is, are nothing but malicious jerks who say nasty things on the internet just to upset and anger others . This has never been my intention here at TOL . Sheesh !
  3. The Horn

    I've Received an infraction for "Trolling "?

    Since when is disagreeing with other members of tOL "trolling "? My latest "infraction " here is for "trolling " and "falsely reporting posts ? " What on earth is is "falsely reporting posts ?" People on TOL disagree vehemently with me all the time and I don't mind this in the least...
  4. The Horn

    The Terms "Socialism, Marxism And Communism "Are Now Meaningless .

    Let's face it : the terms socialism,Marxism and communism have been used so loosely for so long by conservatives they have lost all meaning . They are now nothing but frightening-sounding buzz words used to frighten naive, gullible and ignorant Americans . I have yet to meet a conservative...
  5. The Horn

    "Obfuscated Attack Payload " on one of my posts !

    A few days ago, I was going to view one of my posts on a thread about alleged communists in America and at Theologyonline . But I couldn't, because there was a message from a website called informing me of something called " obfuscated attack payload ". Huh ? I've never heard of...
  6. The Horn

    Have you noticed . . . . . . ?

    Have you noticed that the term "fake news " never existed until America got its first fake president, Donald Trump ?
  7. The Horn

    Myths About Liberals And Liberalism

    Here are some misconceptions about liberals and liberalism which conservatives believe : 1 Liberals are socialists, Marxists ad communists . Liberals are not communists and communists are not liberals . Liberalism and communism are polar opposites . 2. Liberals are atheists . Some are, but...
  8. The Horn

    Pat Robertson Shows His Ignorance About Global Warming

    Yesterday, I was watching Pat Robertson's "700 Club", which I frequently watch for laughs . The senile old coot was commenting on the recent snowstorm which covered much of America with snow , and laughingly said " This is global warming for you ", idiotically implying that the existence of...
  9. The Horn

    Why Homosexuality Must NOT Be Criminalized

    Gay people are NOT a threat to America, or to any country anywhere . Homophobic bigots are a threat to gay people . Therefore, we cannot and must not allow the U.S. government to support, promote and foster homophobic bigotry . The overwhelming majority of gays are NOT pedophiles, and the...
  10. The Horn

    List Of Donald Trump's Qualifications To Be President.

    Here they are .
  11. The Horn

    Mike Pence Is A Monster !

    As bad as Donald Trump is , and that's really bad, Mike Pence is far worse . He is the worst and most dangerous kind of politician - a theocrat . The kind of fanatical Christian who is incapable of keeping his religious beliefs out of politics . How bad is he ? Well, he's so fanatically...
  12. The Horn

    God's Chosen People

    If the Jews are God's chosen people, what are the Eskimos ? God's frozen people !
  13. The Horn

    From Essays Written By Kids in Sunday Schools Around The World

    Here are some pearls of wisdom written by kids in the essays they write for Sunday school : Noah's wife was called Joan of Ark . Lot's wife was a pillar of fire by day but a ball of fire by night. Esau was a man who wrote fables and sold his copyright for a mess of potash . The brother of Jacob...
  14. The Horn

    Shameful ! Ted Cruz Attends Conference Organized By Anti-Gay lunatic Pastor !

    Recently, such prominent right-wing politicians as Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana attended the "National Religious Liberties " conference organized by pastor Kevin Swanson , who openly advocates execution of all gay people in America by the US government ...
  15. The Horn

    Banned For "Intentional Blasphemy ?

    I was banned for a few days for "Intentional blasphemy " . What the heck is that ? I meant no blasphemy . I was just disagreeing with the Christians here . Is this a crime ? I wasn't disrespectful to anyone , didn't call anyone names . Recently, someone on this forum called me a nasty word...
  16. The Horn

    Did All Those Born Before Jesus Go To Hell ?

    One thing I have never been able to understand about Christianity is what happened to all those born before Jesus . If God sent Jesus to "redeem " mankind 2,000 years ago , why did he do this at that particular time ? There had already been countless people on earth who lived and died . But...
  17. The Horn

    Hilarious Bloopers From Church Bulletins

    These are from actual church bulletins around the country : Boy Scouts are saving aluminium cans and other items to be recycled . Proceeds will be used to cripple children . Evening massage - 6 P.M. The audience is requested to remain seated until the the recession . Today's sermon : How...
  18. The Horn

    Myths About Liberals And Liberalism

    I would like to debunk as many of the myths about liberals and liberalism as possible here. 1. Liberals are atheists . Some are, but only some . Many are in fact, Christians or followers of other religions . Some are agnostics, like myself . 2. Liberals hate Christians and want to persecute...
  19. The Horn

    The Abortion/Homosexuality Paradox

    Why is it that anti-choicers , who are so determined to stop all women from having abortions , suddenly lose all their "love" of fetuses as soon as a fetus grows up and turns out to be gay ? A fertilized cell has the "right to life ", but one that grows up to be gay has no rights any more ...
  20. The Horn

    Do You Really Want The Government In Our Bedrooms ?

    Culture Warrior is convinced that there is "no right to homosexual sex ", and that the founding fathers wanted the police and the government in everybody's bedroom to make sure no one is engaging in this nasty kind of sex . This is why he has started the absurd thread "Why homosexuality should...