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    DO YOU HAVE A FAITH WHICH WORKS BY LOVE? There are many sermons available today that speak of faith, and salvation through faith alone, which is true. But you rarely hear a sermon that shows us from the Bible what faith should LOOK LIKE in our lives. Christians are so afraid of doing works...
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    When people think about antichrist, they only tend to look at the English word itself, "ANTI-Christ" and place the meaning of this as someone who is a direct and open enemy of Jesus Christ. Someone who is 'against' Christ. And thus they fail to see the deeper, original meaning of this word in...
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    The True Sabbath

    SUNDAY CHURCHES ARE MISSING THIS KEY POINT OF FAITH REGARDING THE SEVENTH DAY SABBATH - THE SIGN OF FAITH IN GOD'S COMPLETE AND PERFECT SANCTIFICATION I have so many discussions concerning the 7th day Sabbath with Sunday keeping (or no day keeping) Christians. And it always ends up in a...
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    This is a very important for the Sabbath keepers. "It will also be noticed that this 'league' [The International Sunday Observance League] has other plans besides the intention to prosecute those who will not bow to their manmade Sabbath. Perhaps they will prosecute those who do not believe in...
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    The Millennial Reign of Christ - On Earth or in Heaven?

    I have past on a doctrine about the 1000 years millennium. I want to see if the way I see it is more Biblical. Help me. Thanks. There is a great confusion among the churches of the world today concerning the 1000 year millennium - a time in which the saints of God reign with Christ. The main...
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    Who is the Remnant Church?

    End Times Remnant Church The remnant church is something that many Christians don't think about, because most professing Christians trust that their belief alone in Jesus makes them part of the true church of God, whether or not they are truly walking with the Lord. But is this right, or does...