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  1. LoneStar

    Theology Club: can ya help a brother out

    I have questions about the theology of mad. Not the concept but rather fine tuning the concept. Was told this was the place so this is my first thread here. Go slow with me and be gentle. Here goes. This question is based on the premise of Paul's gospel differing from that of James and...
  2. LoneStar

    ECT Faith and Law

    Abraham obeyed God, but not according to the law. In fact, human sacrifice was opposed to the law. So what God commanded of Abraham was not according to the law. Abraham's faith was perfectly willing to obey God DESPITE what the law taught. Abraham's faith (not according to law) was...
  3. LoneStar

    Texas bans Sharia laws

    Texas Passes Law Permanently Banning Muslim Sharia Laws
  4. LoneStar

    Dear Lonestar

    I get my own thread. :devil: Here's what I heard .... Dear LoneStar Dear LoneStar, My concern is with men being allowed to use women's restrooms. That makes me very uncomfortable. How in the world am I supposed to tell weather it is really a man or a woman in the stall...
  5. LoneStar

    new guy

    Howdy. Born and raised in Texas. 43 years old. Proud husband. Proud father. Proud son of Tambora. Have gun - will travel.