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  1. Zakath


    Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing and stir up a few quiet threads. Hope all is going well. Slainté :cheers: Zak
  2. Zakath

    Where are your tithes going?

    ... or offerings for that matter... Are they going to pay for the illegal and immoral activities of your church leaders? From the News, the Boston Globe web site That last line should give some folks pause... in a big legal settlement, all church assets may be on the table for...
  3. Zakath

    Bob Enyart changes his mind.

    Now that's interesting... Enyart is recanting some of his previously published positions. :think:
  4. Zakath

    Zakath agreed to give Enyart rights to Battle Royale VII

    Ohh, I've been called a "shameless atheist" by a scoundrel like Bob Enyart. I'm cut to the quick! :darwinsm: So tell us Bob, how much money have you made shamelessly selling my material without even having the grace to ask my permission first?
  5. Zakath

    Battle Hymn for Bush..

    This re-writing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic attributed to Mark Twain around 1900 seems eerily appropriate for this year's election...
  6. Zakath

    ARCHIVE: God and the fire in Colorado

    Here on TOL there are a number of posters who believe that their deity sends trials and calamities (evil?) on the human race for various reasons. On the other hand, there are some posters who would vehemently deny that view. I'd like to read your opinion on the following questions: 1. Do you...