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  1. Bob Enyart

    RSR's One-Way Speed of Light Experiment Proposal

    Hey gack! Thanks for such thoughful comments. Yes, we agree completely with your point about perpendicular giving you c, regardless of whether Jason Lisle's ASC is correct, or whether the one-way speed of light equals the 2-way speed regardless of direction to or from an observer. We make that...
  2. Bob Enyart

    Enyart calls for pro-lifers to oppose John Roberts nomination

    Hate to say it but... "Told you so!"
  3. Bob Enyart

    James White to Debate Bob Enyart on Open Theism

    Calvinist Leadership Descends Deeper Into Heresy: R.C. Sproul Jr. and James White publicly deny the Incarnation, haven't retracted and haven't been rebuked by leading Calvinists...
  4. Bob Enyart

    RSR's Annual Soft Tissue Show: The Deniers

    By the start of 2021 and we have 113 biomaterials fossil papers published in science journals as cataloged at! Way 2 Go guys (and Mary)! Plus, we're currently evaluating another paper published in a microscopy journal.
  5. Bob Enyart

    If that much CO2's bad for astronauts, then masks are bad too!

    That's cool Hilltrot! Yeah, I'm nuts on some things too, but what a world to acknowledge that in! The conspiracy theorists tell us that Biden won the election and that masks and shutdowns slow the spread. Ha! Wild, no? Seriously though, please consider that wearing a mask as you go about your...
  6. Bob Enyart

    If excess CO2's bad for NASA then masks are bad too!

    See and
  7. Bob Enyart

    If that much CO2's bad for astronauts, then masks are bad too!

    Or better, don't wear a mask! See and
  8. Bob Enyart

    Using Google Against Google: Search Conservative News Sites Only!

    Thanks Jeff! Yeah, then I clicked for the second page worth of results, and that added townhall, newsmax, and theblaze.
  9. Bob Enyart

    What is Money?

    Clete, over many years, you have been one of my favorite TOLers to read. (Or, come to think of it, you've been one of my favorite writers to read!) Thanks for all that edification, education, and encouragement. As to the above, yeah, now it's REALLY been some time! In the intervening years we...
  10. Bob Enyart

    Will Duffy YouTube Debate v CJ Borns Open Theism 11/23/19

    Sat nite open theism YouTube debate & you're invited! DBC member Will Duffy, after debating popular theologian Matt Slick last year, will again debate Is Open Theism Biblical?, now against newcomer CJ Borns. You can keep updated with any changing details at tune and view...
  11. Bob Enyart

    KJO BR XIV Supplemental Material from Enyart and Duffy

    Thanks for not posting in this thread. This is for Bob Enyart and Will Duffy to add official BR XIV debate supplemental material. We have a lot of great information that we weren't able to get into the KJO debate that we'd like to post here. If there is something that you are specifically...
  12. Bob Enyart

    Calvinism Debate between Bob Enyart and TNAR's Dr. Larry Bray

    [TOL Note: Facebook is not a typical venue for a moderated debate, but David New, a Reformed Christian from Memphis Tennessee, has nearly 5,000 friends on his Facebook page, and agreed to host this debate on Calvinism between a Calvinist seminary president Dr. Larry Bray and an Open Theist...
  13. Bob Enyart

    Display.exe: Posted to document the date of my invention

    Hello! I don't know if anyone else has ever invented this, so this post may help to answer that question. Over time I'll edit this post to describe more features of Display.exe, my software invention. POSTED December 3, 2009 (publicly disclosed on television June 2, 1998 and...
  14. Bob Enyart

    Publications like Science & Nature are awash in bias

    From today's Wall Street Journal: Initially, one might imagine that weather patterns would be a topic that evolution publications could cover without emotional bias. But that would be naive, no? Excerpts from that WSJ article: The Climate Change Climate Change The number of skeptics is...
  15. Bob Enyart

    Planned Parenthood worker Patty Krangle in Bob Enyart's home...

    Why We Protest His Home Bob Enyart Live mailed the following letter to more than a hundred families living in a Denver-area neighborhood who were upset that we've been conducting years of residential protests targeting their neighbor, a Planned Parenthood abortionist: Let’s talk about...
  16. Bob Enyart

    Rocky Mtn News Reprints My Resignation Ltr: 108 Babies...

    After 108 babies were born in a single year to the students of a Denver area high school, the Rocky Mountain News of Feb. 19, 1993 reprinted my resignation letter that had appeared in area newspapers three years earlier. Three years ago tomorrow I resigned for a stupid reason from the Adams...
  17. Bob Enyart

    Entropy and Evolution: Bob Enyart & Johnny...

    HELPFUL LINKS: Discussion Thread: If you'd like to comment on this TOL One on One. Dan Styer on TOL: Prof. Styer himself disputes the claim that his 2008 AJP paper furthered the confusion between information and heat entropy. Johnny and I have agreed to "take it outside," i.e., move a...
  18. Bob Enyart

    LsOL: Entropy is NOT from the 2nd Law, but vice versa

    In his thread: End of 2nd Law Cannard [sic] (emphasis added): Okay, LsOL, deal the cards (or should I say: the canards). Johnny & LsOL, Stipe can read that paper for 19 bucks; it's at the American Journal of Physics: [Daniel] Styer DF (2008) Entropy and evolution, 76(11):1031-1033 here. But...
  19. Bob Enyart

    Bob vs. the Atheists on ABC's 7News tonight...

    TONIGHT: ABC's 7News in Denver interviews Bob Enyart on atheist billboards. TOMORROW: Fox 31 around 9:45 a.m. will have Bob and Craig Silverman. WEEKS AGO: See Bob Enyart's Defense of Personhood on C-SPAN.
  20. Bob Enyart

    Enyart on C-SPAN today defending Personhood Amendment 48

    Hi folks. Today I had the opportunity to appear on C-SPAN defending Colorado's Personhood Amendment 48. The video with me and Crystal Clinkenbeard of No on 48 and some callers is online at: