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  1. Daniel1611

    Why Do You Believe in Prison?

    A question for Christians that support prison as punishment. Why do you support prison as punishment for wrong doing? The Bible gives punishments that we are to use, and prison is not one of them.
  2. Daniel1611

    Has Anyone Changed Their Mind?

    Just curious if an one here has ever actually changed their belief due to a discussion or debate on TOL.
  3. Daniel1611

    One Gospel Proven.

    There are those that would have us believe that before Paul, people were not saved by faith alone. Sometimes they call it the "kingdom Gospel.". This is a false doctrine and proven so easily. Before Paul was told to preach, Jesus preached faith alone while he was on this earth. John 6:47...
  4. Daniel1611

    The UFC Thread

    Anyone else into UFC or MMA in general? Discuss.
  5. Daniel1611

    Do You Have the "Bridal Dance"?

    Someone told me the Bridal dance at weddings is a western PA thing. Since TOL has a wide geographical distribution, I wanted to ask here. Do you do the Bridal dance at weddings in your region?
  6. Daniel1611

    Tides Caused by the Moon?

    The tides, as explained by Newton and accepted by majority opinion, are caused by the gravity of the moon. This thread isn't meant to explain Newton's position. It is assumed this position is known by the reader. The point is to raise questions concerning this theory. 1. If the earth's...
  7. Daniel1611

    Kent Hovind is Free

    Kent Hovind is home from prison. Praise God. Hallelujah!
  8. Daniel1611

    Bruce Jenner and the Confederate Flag

    I'm about tired of every "news" article being about either Bruce Jenner or the Confederate flag. One is a useless 200 year old piece of synthetic material that idiots use as their symbol. And the other is the Confederate flag.
  9. Daniel1611

    Hovind Charges Dropped

    The Free Kent Hovind Facebook page just posted message from his son, Eric, stating that he just received word from the government that they are dismissing all charges. It says they will post more info asap. Not positive what it all means, but hopefully it means he will be released from prison...
  10. Daniel1611

    The Tucker 48 Could Have Saved America

    Maybe the title of the thread is a bit hyperbolic, but Preston Tucker and his 1948 Tucker Sedan could have made America a much different place. For those who don't know... In 1948, Preston Tucker introduced the Tucker 48 (a.k.a. The Tucker Torpedo), a car way ahead of it's time. Now, I love...
  11. Daniel1611

    WTC 7 Reported Before It Happened

    Some of us were discussing 9/11 here the other day. Here is a video of the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it happened. Some other news outlets also reported on this before it happened as well. Are the reporters psychics? Or were they following the script they were...
  12. Daniel1611

    NHL PLayoffs Thread 2015

    Since no one has started it yet, let's talk 2015 NHL Playoffs. Who do you like?
  13. Daniel1611

    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    So you're saying the New Testament is not reliable. You're saying any book that quotes the NT, by extension, cannot be reliable because it would be relying on a dubious source. Urantia Book is not reliable. Noted.
  14. Daniel1611

    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    So in the Gospels Jesus states numerous times that he would be killed to atone for the sins of the world. Are the Gospels, like Paul's letters, unreliable? If so, you're basically saying the NT is not reliable. If it is not reliable, a book like the UB that borrows from it cannot be reliable...
  15. Daniel1611

    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    Jesus Christ preached that he is atonement for sins. The UB tries to take parts of what Jesus said and build a new religion out of it, but it's really just New Age garbage.
  16. Daniel1611

    Who IS Barrack Obama? Who is Ted Cruz?

    During the 2008 election, a slogan of sorts was repeated by Republicans like Sarah Palin: "Who is Barack Obama?" The campaign one-liner was used to draw attention to Obama's inexperience and the perception that America didn't really know much about him since he was only in Federal politics for...
  17. Daniel1611

    America at War 93% of the Time

    Pick any year since 1776, and there is about a 93% chance that America was involved in a war. In most of them America was on the offensive. The only time America went for five years without a war was 1935-1940. Here is a complete timeline of wars involving the US...
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    Great American Song

    Wanted to share this song for anyone who's never heard it. It's a 1929 recording by the Bently Boys of the American folk song "Penny's Farm." Not much is known of this group except for their recording of this song. Have a listen. We need to keep this classic American music alive. mX3MQzSFq-Y
  20. Daniel1611

    Who Represents the Rest of Us?

    America wants to define itself as liberals versus conservative, Democrats versus Republicans. Then you have another group that wants to meet right in the middle on ever issue. Where do those of us fit who cannot fit in the left/right/center paradigm? I'm not a liberal or conservative, and my...