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  1. allsmiles

    step by step by step

    Hi Bob, we've never spoken before but i feel compelled to pick your brain so to speak since i heard your fourth debate with our very own fool. i know a little bit about your ideas for a biblical theocracy, but there's one facet that i'd appreciate some detailed clarification on, and that would...
  2. allsmiles

    Just As Pagan

    a couple of days ago Clete mentioned in the Feng Shui thread that Taoism with it's Yin and Yang was a pagan "religion", i mentioned in reply that christianity is based on the dualism of god and satan, just as zoroastrianism is based on the dualism between ahura mazda and angra mainyu. i would...
  3. allsmiles

    Everyone Here is a Genius Until...

    Something comes along that no one can refute. And then everyone just ignores it. Wonderful strategy, but it's really thin.
  4. allsmiles

    God Owes Us Big Time

    I believe that if Jesus died on the cross, and even if he didn't, even if the story is a metaphor, it is a representation of god reconciling himself to us. I believe god feels badly for the earthly, physical situation we're in, I think he created us not knowing the consequences of his actions...