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  1. patman

    ECT 3 Questions for my MAD and YEC friends

    Hi folks, Here are three questions I have for fellow MAD and Open Theist YEC believers. I too belong to these beliefs, but I have a few things from the Bible that I wonder about. I would appreciate anyone who is studied in these areas to give me their insights on the following "questions" I...
  2. patman

    It's been a while...

    Howdy TOL. You almost got rid of me, but I'm back. It's been so long, I feel like I'm a new member... Not sure where to jump in!! If you remember me, what have I missed? Where should I direct my long-winded posts??
  3. patman

    Aliens on BEL?

    Dear BEL fans, I was on, look around like I do every day. I noticed they posted a clip from the Daily Show from when Bob burned OJ's stuff. Something in that video (on this frame) caught my eye...
  4. patman

    Nickel Creek

    Have you ever had one of those bands that you just can't put down, that you just cannot stop listening to? For me, that band would be Nickel Creek. For my many tastes of music, ranging from Rock, to Rap to Country, something about this band has caught my ear in such a way that I couldn't stop...
  5. patman

    The Big Bang and YEC

    Lately, I have been in deep thought about the problems the non-believing community faces when it comes to believing in God. The world believes, based on certain data, that our existence is possible apart from God. They point to the Big Bang Theory and Darwin's Theory of Evolution. As a...
  6. patman

    David's Herd

    David's Herd, reborn soon
  7. patman

    Bob Enyart on iTunes

    Hey all ye BEL fans! I came across Bob's show on iTunes today and saw it had no ratings and no comments. The more comments and the higher rating means the more people will come across the show on iTunes. So here is the link to the show on iTunes...