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    Hi everyone!

    Thought I'd hop on here for the first time in a long time and say hello. I probably don't know most of you. We'll see if I have the fortitude to stay. I'm pretty flighty online these days. I come and go fro places.
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    Prayer means something

    God actually listens when we talk to Him! We were studying Exodus 32 and 2 Kings 20 last night and in both cases, God made a proclamation, to Moses and to Hezekiah, of something He would do. Both Moses and Hezekiah pleaded with God and even reminded Him of certain things (Moses reminded God of...
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    The absolute relativists

    Much of the world today claims to believe in something called relative truth. Meaning, you decide what you want to believe and that's your truth. That being said, it's amazing to me how much is really absolute with the relativists. "Oh, you homeschool your children? That should be outlawed...
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    Pro-Life Songs - Where'd the thread go?

    10 years ago, I started a thread to compile a list of pro-life songs. Over the years, I've referred to it from time to time and unfortunately, I can't find it any more. Here is a cached version...
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    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    You and I have only one thing in common. The Muslims want us both dead. However, you and the Muslims also have something in common. Hell. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today and receive His forgiveness and righteousness which is ready and waiting.
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    The NEW-UPDATED 10 TOL Commandments

    I think that with the outcry over certain member's actions lately, it's interesting to note these words from Knight in the OP. "Break these rules and you will likely be banned." That means that it's ultimately up to Knight.
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    Bob's show for 06/01/2009

    Has anyone heard Bob's show today? I was unable to catch it. How did it go?
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    about Bob's article on absolute or relative time

    The thread I'm referring to is here where Bob explains that time is absolute and not relative. He says that gravity affects clocks, not time. Well, here is some guy claiming that he experienced time dilation by taking...
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    homeschool video

    this is funny
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    Wireless Protest

    Whether you know it or not, our world is increasingly becoming more wireless. If you own a wireless laptop, you can cruise around town to various coffee shops, hotels or market centers and get on the internet using available wireless networks. Each of these wireless networks has a name like the...
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    Focus on the Strategy in Indiana!

    Damascus Road Bible Fellowship will be hosting a Pro-Life Saturday on May 19th. Part of this event will be a public showing of Focus on the Strategy by Bob Enyart. Please come and stand with us as we proclaim the life of the unborn child! Pastor Adam Briggs
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    Bob Enyart vs. Fred Phelps

    Bob Enyart vs. Fred Phelps Now that would be a great, one hour, recorded debate. I'd buy it!
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    There have been a lot of attacks recently on the unschooling movement, especially from the media like CNN and FoxNews. Frankly, I see some problems with unschooling, but it's still way better than government brainwashing.
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    OMEGA ~ Plagiarism?

    OMEGA, Imagine you came to TOL tomorrow morning as usual, and you found, in some thread, the following response, exactly as you see it here, but made by myself. What would you do? truthman p.s. above quote taken from here, for illustration purposes only
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    Public School Contradiction

    My mother-in-law is a public school teacher in Littleton, CO. Yesterday, she and my father-in-law came for a visit. We were bracing for 'another lecture' on why our children should be in public school (we homeschool ours). She went on to mention a reading program that she leads at her school...