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  1. Cam

    Read em and weep: NY real estate developer on 911 Cabinet Maker, are you still serving the devil using your expert authority to suppress intellectual freedom?
  2. Cam

    Did you Christian Zionists enjoy the debate?

    Was there enough self-righteousness and demonization to satisfy your blood lust?
  3. Cam

    Chris Kyle compared to Jesus Christ in church today

    Showed the American Sniper trailer and everthing. And, you guys, "this is real, this isn't Hollywood!" Combined with last week's Supreme Court Ruling, we're well on our way to the redux of Sodomy and Gomorrah.
  4. Cam

    General Wesley Clark, "our allies" have created ISIS

    Clark argues radical Islam fed and fueled by the "geo-strategic powers in the region" to fight the Iranians and Hezbollah. Gee, which "geo strategic powers" have been openly calling for attacks on Iran and Syria? Which geo strategic power tried to force Obama's hand on Syria after the false...
  5. Cam

    Is there any way to get Republicanchick to go away?

    Anything that might be an interesting thread quickly gets pushed off the front page. Such an individual, she thinks everybody wants her opinion on everything. There could be a rule limiting how often we start threads. Maybe everybody is cool with how many threads she starts? Maybe the mods...
  6. Cam

    Mixed feelings on three murdered Muslims

    Happy for TOL's "Christian" Zionists. (see my signature) Sad for decent human beings everywhere.
  7. Cam

    Can Americans walk and chew bubble gum at the same time?

    c5mu79ygShs We are the most ignorant, stupid people... Or, maybe it's the whole world lapping up their daily diet of Izvestia and...
  8. Cam

    Don't be the last chump serving satan defending 9/11 lies