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    Theology Club: Temporal or Timeless, and Omniscience-(William Lane Craig)

    Enjoyable perspectives in these interviews. sqYyPp__X08 seoufzFnSrg NW8QSTxJBCk h8YdIuvdBuQ
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    Theology Club: Open Future

    These videos are from Greg Boyd, who is more inclined to call it his open future view, not being a fan of the term open theism. These were very helpful in cultivating some previous theories I was working through, and opened my eyes to some areas I had not yet seen. Hope you can gain some...
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    The Rope

    Just thought I'd say hello, and share a little story I wrote. I hope this forum will allow me to grow and to help others when I can. Peace. The Rope I was presented with a Rope, then I came to know God. I tied that Rope around my waist and He took the other end to hold. He lifted me out of...