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    Trupp's POTD 9-12-2008

    Priceless :) :first:
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    Trupps POTD 08-02-2008

    Regardless of whether I agree with someone or not I do like someone who is willing to stand up for their beliefs hence my choice of this post. NB: I do agree with OSAS, just some of the other stuff AMR come out with I don't.
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    Trupp's POTD 03-02-2008

    My Post of the day since Knight had already swiped Lion's earlier post.
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    One-on-One:Questions about Evolution, MrJack and Truppenzwei

    Hi, Basically in this thread I'm wanting to ask a few questions in regard to evolution as much so that I can try and pin down exactly what evolution is and isn't, and what the science behind it is. MrJack has kindly agreed to allow me to pick his brains on this subject. So my first question...