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    The time has come...

    That's really good you quote my post where I talked about how many people died from it over a one hundred and five year time span (1919-2023) and you respond with an article that covers 2009 .
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    The time has come...

    Your just afraid, Ebola has killed less than thirty thousand people combined in both outbreaks. Now if you take the swine flu for instance it killed an estimated five hundred million in it's first five years and another five hundred million across the last hundred and five years. So about a...
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    The time has come...

    I agree, flying in and out of Africa is just a major hassle the last ten or fifteen years because you have to prove you don't have Ebola or some other illness. They should just let the doctors play doctor and just stick to politics and if their still afraid they can wear a mask or take the...
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    Anyone that believes Covid is a biological weapon that got loose or that their spraying stuff on us in the contrails(or the other ideas) and still aren't wearing a mask and avoiding the population is lying,confused or maybe just drunk or something. Anyone, even a child that believed this is a...
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    cowards thread

    devoted to those who attack defenseless unarmed people in schools,theaters,ect. again another attack by an coward who was compelled to reason through whom to attack and calculate his success based on a place where only defenseless,unarmed people gather,,,,your thoughts,,,
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    Theology Club: the elder book,who quotes who?

    If we address the matter captive to scripture as to who was born before who,was Moses born and did he write Genesis,Exodus,Leviticus Deuteronomy and Numbers,before or after the book of Job,and why will it change the common belief many hold to?