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    Is Russia Our Enemy?

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    What Exactly is "American Culture"?

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    Russian hackers penetrate U.S. power grid.
  4. Foxfire

    Is Russia our foe?

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    Moscow or London?

    Which city best illustrates and accommodates American values?
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    Berkley or Dallas?

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    How Much Damage Did Trump Cause in Helsinki?

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    The Left Is Ofiicially Insane

  9. Foxfire

    The Left Is Ofiicially Insane

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    Should California be divided into three seporate states?
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    A United (nuclear capable) North and South Korea?

    A United (nuclear capable) North and South Korea is becoming an increasingly real possibility in the face of ongoing negotiations between Kim Jong Un and , both, Xi Jinping of China and Moon Jae-in of SK. The two have no incentive to give up nuclear arms or technology sans an American presence...
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    Tucson cafe closes indefinately after backlash from pro-Trump FB post Suck it up "Cup It Up"!
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    China imposing severe sanctions on N Korea

    No cookie for Sum Yung Dum! (Kim Jong-Un) :shocked:
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    Crybaby Trump gets schooled
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    Predictions for Trumps term in office.

    States rights will once again fall victim to heavy handed government re marijuana both medical and recreational forms. Not so much for hate groups. ~USAG nominee Jeff Sessions about the KKK.
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    Idaho pastor shot day after praying at Ted Cruz rally Suspected shooter arrested outside the White house.
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    Trumps Veteran website directs funds to his personal foundation.

    "Rather than going directly to veterans groups, 100% of online donations on Trump's pro-veterans site will go directly to Trump's personal foundation."
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    Do social perceptions exacerbate rape trauma?

    Do the expectations placed on rape victims by society tend to have an additional and cumulative negative impact on the psyche of the victim? .....aaaaaaand GO!