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  1. Lucky

    Lucky's pick 19-Nov-2009

  2. Lucky

    One-on-One: An Austrian Perspective on IP

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Yorzhik and rk3001 are going to have a 1-on-1.
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    Lucky's POTD 23-Aug-2008

    :first: Short but sweet.
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    Lucky's POTD 22-Aug-2008

    :first: In the wee hours of the morning my time, Sir Turbo typed out some political smack.
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    Lucky's POTD 21-Aug-2008

  6. Lucky

    5 Years on TOL

    I joined TOL on August 19, 2003 and exactly 5 years later on August 19, 2008, TOL went through it's coolest upgrade ever! For those of you who don't know, my cousin Mr. 5020 got me to join what was really my first ever Internet forum. This place has been a good source of fun and fellowship...
  7. Lucky

    Lucky's POTD July 13, 2008

    Adam breaks it down quite nicely. :first:
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    One on One: Door and Jerry Shugart on 1 John 1:1-10

    1 John 1:1-10 is the topic. A One on One is an informal debate between two posters without the distraction of other posters. Either of you can begin the debate with the first post. When that post is made, a 2 week time limit will start, after which the debate is closed. Have fun!
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    The Most You'll Pay For Gas

    At what point will you stop using your gas-powered personal vehicle for everyday transportation? Have you already started using alternatives? I'm just curious. The gas jumped to 3.44 this morning. The last time I was at the pump it was 3.19. I probably couldn't pay more than $5-6 a gallon...
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    Lucky's POTD 03-05-2008

  11. Lucky

    Lucky's POTD 01-21-07

    I haven't given one of these in ages. :first: here
  12. Lucky

    Lucky's pick 09-17-06

    :knight: :first: This Thread :darwinsm:
  13. Lucky


    Where in the Bible is "Pastor" used as a title? Show me a verse that contains "Pastor Paul", "Pastor Timothy", "Pastor Silas", etc. From my observation, pastors are often more revered than others in the room too.
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    Lucky's pick 02-04-06

    :dunce: :darwinsm:
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    Lucky's pick 01-30-06

    :first: context
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    Lucky's picks 01-26-06

    Props to oftenbuzzard for starting off that fun cult thread with this post... And here's a nice lil truthsmack on judging... context
  17. Lucky

    ARCHIVE:The 16 commandments at TheologyOnLine (OLD)

    I've always considered freaking a relative of freak, freaky, freak out, &c. "This exam that is freaking me out." ...said another, simpler way... "This freaking exam."
  18. Lucky

    Hypothetical Invasion

    Suppose the hypothetical country of Justiceria went to war with the U.S. simply to put an end to the American Holocaust of unborn babies. Would you support Justiceria's invasion?
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    Enyart's Letter: Sidebar Thread

    I guess a practical translation of that would be: vote Constitution Party.
  20. Lucky

    What other words would Jesus use?

    Warning: This thread contains vulgar language. If you join the discussion, please use asterisks where appropriate. Would Jesus call promiscuous people damned f***ers? I'm curious as to where some people draw the line, or if they draw a line.