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  1. sentientsynth

    TOL's James Hilston Agrees: Yes, God Can Change!!

    TOL's James Hilston Agrees: Yes, God Can Change [In Certain Ways; See Show for Details]!! Disclaimer ~ Although it may appear as if sentientsynth, that is, yours truly, worded the title of this thread, may it be forthrightly disclaimed that this thread's title was reformulated by Jefferson...
  2. sentientsynth

    Best BEL Shows

    In your opinion, what are the best BEL shows archived at I'm an archiver, and I enjoy all the shows I listen to week in and week out. What shows, would you say, are the ones that no one should miss? Thanks y'all, SS
  3. sentientsynth

    Colorado calls Augustine on his toothache!

    "Why is it that God wants glory mostly from toothaches from people who don't floss?" :LoJo:
  4. sentientsynth

    Zues gets out of the Lightning Bolt Business

    In this show Bob talks about certain predestination verses. A good summary of his critique of the closed (settled, etc.) view. (Did Bob forsee his debate??) Listen He also talks about the interplay between political science and Christianity. An interesting show, overall. SS PstScpt. Hey...
  5. sentientsynth

    Mike Gamble leads the way out of public schools

    Free public schools is one of the basic tenets of communism. It's the perfect vehicle to indoctrinate the young. Read a first grade science book sometime. I guess if you're going to teach ridiculous ideas such as abiogenesis, macroevolution, and big bang cosmology, then you must start at a...
  6. sentientsynth

    Howard Hunter Jr. Interviews Bob

    Awesome show!! Really liked the way Bob talked about spiritual gifts.
  7. sentientsynth

    ARCHIVE: The Mind of Bob Enyart

    This is going to sound a little silly to some, but I'm going to venture anyway. I've been listening to Bob Enyart for maybe three weeks now, rummaging through the archives, listening to shows whose titles interest me. It's my opinion that Bob Enyart would rank among the 98th percentile of...