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    So I haven't been around for awhile, but here goes. :) Lets say you have a child, about 3 or 4, who when playing with his brothers and sisters, will constantly screams at his siblings to "stop?" Yet they won't, and he continues to scream and cry, and then the other children start to antagonize...
  2. ShadowMaid

    God the most important thing

    I was curious to know, do you think God considers the most important thing to be relationships?
  3. ShadowMaid

    Doug McBurney protesting for Terri

    Those police men are no better then the Nazi's. :nono: Good job Mr. McBurney!
  4. ShadowMaid

    Discussion 12th Grade and down

    I have seen that many other people that I have talked with are interested in some of the debates going on that are 1 on 1. They can talk about it here. :)
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    Debating, 12th grade...

    ... and down. Here 12th graders and down can debate about any subject. You can be public schooled, or homeschooled. Please, do not post in this thread if you are beyond 12th grade.
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    New Curriculum

    Chirstine suggested that I start a tread here. I'm looking for a new curriculum to switch to in high school, and I have no idea what one. I was hoping for some helpful suggestions from experienced home school parents.
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    Here's a tread for just homeschoolers. Here we can tell each other our favorite subjects, or just anything about our homeschooling.:cool: