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  1. Idolater

    Rotating sheet ice in Washington state.

    The judgment is the knowledge of what I'm talking about. They are the same thing. I can give you a list of a hundred patents about how to make sanitary tissue. Plenipotentiary power especially of the whole World is a tempting gem for power mad politicians, granted. But have you read the...
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    Rotating sheet ice in Washington state.

    Everything means something. It's just that elite poker players fold more than half the time. Any poker player who plays every hand is a gigantic loser. Even when they win a long-shot hand it can't make up for all their losses. Have you ever heard the expression never believe anybody who...
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    The explicitly Biblical evidence for the Flood: Rainbows

    Genesis 2:5 (KJB) said it didn't rain, and the next time the word rain appears is when God says He's going to destroy the World with the Flood Genesis 7:4 (KJB). The atheists already testified that no rainbows means no rain, and the Scripture seems to comport with the idea, so now the only...
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    The explicitly Biblical evidence for the Flood: Rainbows

    For this thread, that doesn't matter. We're just talking about the evidence. Yes it does. The same problem happens in jury trials in law courts. The justice system is able to deal with the problem and conclude cases with verdicts all the time in spite of it. How do they do it? Because...
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    Has the Church Replaced Israel ?

    Or it was just because the guy happened to go by the same name as some other, inconsequential guy, namely Sergius Paulus Acts 13:7, who appears in Luke's account, and Luke takes the opportunity to tell his audience that Saul was also known as Paulus, like Sergius was. Acts 13:9 It wasn't that...
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    How did DNA originate?

    I have no idea what a gene is. But I was reading a while back about an engineered organism that someone made in a lab. They said there were something like 463 genes in the DNA that they had to splice together and if just one of those 463 genes was missing, the DNA wouldn't live. (They...
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    Can a Christian lose their salvation

    Correct. Agreed. This.
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    All Things Second Amendment

    Coming on five years now but has aged well: The NRA is a gun safety organization. They exist because they want there to be zero accidental or negligent discharges anywhere at anytime in America. Tell me what's wrong with that? True today too. GOA and other fringier organizations are devoted...
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    Rotating sheet ice in Washington state.

    If you win the lottery because you buy every single possible number combination you are a gigantic loser. Same with buying every single possible conspiracy theory.
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    The explicitly Biblical evidence for the Flood: Rainbows

    Both rainbows and clouds first appeared after the Flood was done then. I don't want to get too much into the waters above and below the firmament in Genesis one, but the first time the world cloud appears in Scripture it is right after the Flood was done, like you said. Clouds and rainbows are...
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    Is there any obvious evidence today for the biblical global Flood?

    This is what the HPT says, along with HPT-type theories which aren't exactly Mr. Brown's HPT (he invented the HPT and the HPT is his intellectual property). If true this is consonant with the HPT and HPT-type theories. It shows that the fountains of the great deep only reduced the underground...
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    Can a Christian lose their salvation

    If you're not attempting to "steel man" your opponents (comp. with straw man) you are not arguing in good faith, your mind is shut. @Hoping doesn't "steel man" his opponents either.
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    Is death just another life?

    Right. Yes. Yep. Yes. So you didn't override anything I said there, which means you agree that you were attempting to override an Apostle, in your interpretation? No. That Psalm doesn't apply to David at all, according to an Apostle. So we cannot conclude anything at all about David's...
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    Answering old threads thread

    TOL Hall of Fame inductees from 10 years ago: Rest in peace Angel. Hi @Tambora ! Haven't seen em. We saw @Nick M just recently! Not too bad!
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    Lifting thread

    Strong leg muscles may be linked with better outcomes after heart attack, study suggests " Growing evidence shows that building muscle strength can have benefits for your heart, even leading to better outcomes after a heart attack. "Having a higher level of leg muscle strength appears to be...
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    Are your kids being shown pornographic images in school by teachers?

    Vote Republican. And, RIP Peewee. :)
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    Is death just another life?

    No. It doesn't. Because Peter said so. Acts 2:31 " He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption. " You're overriding an Apostle. Christ's soul was in Hell, Acts 2:31 above. It talks about Christ's...
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    the idea that Trump will be the Antichrist

    If he's elected again that'd be "the second Trump" by my count, I would count each election win as another "Trump," especially if it's interspersed with election defeats. Which Trump are we waiting for btw, in our English Bibles, before the real eschatalogical fireworks start?
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    One Question to End Abortion

    ( I'm generally opposed to shooting people or dropping bombs on them or shooting rockets at them or making minefields to keep them in place. I'm just not going to rule out all that because somebody has a kneejerk idea that we should just unconditionally condemn all of that without...
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    Answering old threads thread I called him an enemy of the Church and he blocked me lol. Nerd. He's a nerd.