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    The Delay Doctrine

    Ah, yes.
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    The Delay Doctrine

    Go on; what do you mean?
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    The Delay Doctrine

    The most accurate delay doctrine regarding NT eschatology is that Matt 24 up to v29 was 1st century Judean, and expecting the end of the world 'right after' that. Expecting. This expectation, as you move through that generation from 30 to 70 AD, is widely stated in the NT letters. That...
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    ECT The prophets of the restoration of all things

    The restoration of all things was wider than Israel's or Judaism's things, in Acts 3; it truly was all things as announced right after the rebellion of mankind. V22 can be read something like this: 'Now you have a law and a worship center which is merely a copy of the reality above. But the...
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    ECT D'ism says sin and death are fairy tales

    Go read the thread on Rom 11. The D'ists have made official that sin and death are fairy tale problems to be overlooked as things not even mentioned in Heb 9-10 about the new covenant. We already have a secular culture doing that! Therefore, D'ism is as secular and un-renewed as it gets.
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    IPCC adjusts by 30%

    Local AM 1450 radio mentioned yesterday that the panel had adjusted all previous climate change models by 30% less change than expected 2 years ago.
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    Seeking geology comments on bibliography of DELUGE OF SUSPSICIONS

    I may soon be trying to do local presentations on geologic formations and the Genesis deluge because I have a local driving guide so people in this national park area can actually see things out and about this summer. My basic recent geology and paleo bibliography is in my novel DELUGE OF...
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    ECT Daystar Apr 28 overlaps many of these topics

    LET THE LION ROAR 2014 docudrama Early defining figures of the church and their actions determine church identity 7pm EST DAYSTAR (DirecTV 369) I will prob just discuss it here as I don't do 'docudrama' scripts.
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    ECT Daystar movie Apr 21 overlaps many of these topics

    Sat.Apr.21, 7pm EST DAYSTAR DirecTV 369 THE UNEXPECTED BAR MITZVAH 2015, drama The budding friendship between a Christian boy and his Jewish friend creates tension between the fathers. Notes on theology and on production over at '...And The Rest' today during the broadcast.
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    ECT The Law and Prophets Testify, Rom 3

    The saving righteousness of God, in which Christ was punished for all evil on behalf of sinners, has been made known in the Gospel, and the Law and the Prophets testified about it. It was not a mystery that it was coming. There is therefore also no difference between Jew and Greek, even...
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    Seeking assistant writer

    I am working on a period piece from the south coast of England, 1790 to 1810. Historic events and figures include Tom Paine, King George, Pastor Holford, Lord Shaftesbury. Please contact me at if you would like to see what writing tasks need to be done in the current phase...
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    Thanks Congress for $445M on junk thinking by NPR

    Today's NPR afternoon broadcast is exhaustingly mindless. Of course, it was just PR for the march tomorrow. After 2 mins introducing her topic (the need for the march), the host asked a Florida shooting student how he felt about hearing his voice on tape. In fact, she asked him about his...
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    ECT Truth Cast To The Ground

    This declaration in Daniel shows the same mind as the NT about the veiled OT. ie, a person could read the OT veiled and think it was all about on the ground (the old covenant, the land of israel). Then there is the literalism question. How exactly do you throw truth to the ground? What would...
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    ECT The Literalism Fraud

    I can't think of a better example of the fraud of literalism than the recent comments about Hebrews to Jude, for Jewish Christians only. The fraud is that IT DOESN'T LITERALLY SAY THAT ANYWHERE. So once again, they call it literalism, but they mean D'ism. Everything must be checked, not by...
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    ECT unpopular to travel to Israel in the 60s?

    Hmmm, I wonder what this was about: Will never mentioned how Graham visited the newly formed state of Israel in 1960 when such a visit was unpopular in many Evangelical circles. --Fox News Mar. 3
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    ECT The Standing Question of Hebrews

    The questions stands: why do D'ists champion Hebrews as though it was for Israel, when it refutes/displaces everything about Judaism, and celebrates the fellowship of Zion above instead of on earth? And then fails to mention that it would be on earth-- the 'to-be-shaken' earth, not the...
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    'In God We Trust' = not in government

    Did the atheist Miss Hunt on Fox (Ingraham) last night get it? Our Constitutional rights are not based in human government. Marxists would like to think so, and blare that out daily. But that is the point. It was meant to say that there is something beyond or above government that grounds...
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    ECT The Dead Ends of Messing With Hebrews 10

    1, the whole old covenant apparatus was a shadow of the reality in Christ, which is now here, in case you missed it (there are some people here at TOL who don't seem to know that the Christ of the NT has come; they keep talking like this has not happened yet, like they never read Jn 4:23. Of...
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    ECT What is the situation of the NT narrative?

    What were the social conditions like? The theology? The government? The religion?
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    ECT A bit of resume

    Here's a bit of my resume: *Greek TA under Dr. Goodrick, Multnomah *M. Christian Studies, thesis began on 'Luke-Acts and the 'Great War' Regent College, Vancouver *published by Baptist Reformation Review on 'the weak and miserable elements of the world' in Gal 4 and Col 2 *encounters with...