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  1. Swifty357

    ECT Open Theism?

    I recently bought the God who risks by Sanders. As a MAD believer i was happy when i found theology online. While reading the posts i found open theism being discussed a lot here. I never heard of it before. So i read some of the debates. Watched Enyart and White debate. Searched the web...
  2. Swifty357

    Net bible translation

    What do you guys think of the net bible? I recently stumbled on it. I like their ministrey first philosophy. So I ordered me the brown compact edition for just six dollars and fifty cents. Very good quality for the price. I also use the. Lumina software on their site. I also...
  3. Swifty357

    Mad but Im not pretrib

    I've been a mad since I read things that differ by Stam in 1994. But I've never been able to convince myself that a pretrib rapture is biblical. I've tried to find it. But 2 thessalonians seems to say the antichrist and the tribulation come first. I've been told we are like enoch but i...
  4. Swifty357

    New to tol

    Hello im Swifty357 im a mid acts dispensationalist having read through Things That Differ by C R Stam a few years ago. Im interested in the open view but dont know enough about it to really know what it stands for. I believe in predestination as pauls epistles explain it. I love chess...