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  1. JosephR

    I love..

    I love my friend and guide Bybee.. I love my friend and Brother Lon.. I love many of you and just wanted a thread to chat with many of you without going to the chat box.. SO many to name,, just please if I post talk with me,,thats why I am here,and you too... to be ,and to be together..
  2. JosephR

    Old man,Go be a snake.

    As it is your rite to worship any God you choose. It is my rite to walk the path of my ancestors. Soon me and my brother will take the spirit walk. I will post here what I find and experience. My brother is a Choctaw Native whos Grandfather was a Medicine Man of the Turtle Clan of the...
  3. JosephR

    Number 13:33

    We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." Later a young man. Would show the Israelite's fear held no meaning. It took a young man with faith to over come fear...and held a nation...
  4. JosephR

    investing in silver

    The price of silver as the market closed yesterday was below 14 dollars USD... is anyone investing in physical silver and if so can you give me any pointers?
  5. JosephR

    youtube interview with me and Christian about History.
  6. JosephR

    Historical help

    In the year 70 AD Titus flavious conquered Jerusalem. At this time the four Gospels were found.... The earlier writing of Yeshua had no mention of virgin birth or a gospel or Resurrection or any of the things in the New Testament.. How do you go on with faith in the books of Roman Emperors ...
  7. JosephR

    truster,oh trusted one... lets talk here.

    now.. lets see how facts and history works out for you here..
  8. JosephR

    Enter the Deep Web

    I have been gone for.. IDK,, a year or 2..its all a haze... I have trusted and been a online figure in many places... One of the places was in the deep web... I have seen the under-ground,underbelly of this ,what we call the internet..... Watch this video...its outdated and far behind of...
  9. JosephR

    History says Titus Flavious made up Jesus..

    Has anyone read Josephus,wars of the Jews and early christian history and roman history? it seems the romans,according to history made up Jesus,buried the text about Yeshua of Nazarene... and made it reflect the roman agenda... if you have knowledge of this please respond..... the bible does...
  10. JosephR

    New find on Majorana fermion, and what it means to me.

    Here are a few sources for the new research on the Majorana fermion,and as predicted in 2001 they have verified it is anti matter that makes the ultimate stop code in the universe. Here are a few sources that I have read...
  11. JosephR

    Hello all , my name is Joe.

    Hi and greetings to all. I have been reading the forums for a few weeks now and decided to register and ask a few questions. About me. I was raised Baptist. I have read the Bible my whole life and still hold onto it as the word of God to this day.But have many questions. I noticed that if...