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  1. Sheila B

    ECT Heaven is For Real

    Heaven is For Real - the movie A lady gave me this movie a few days ago and said she got it for Christmas but would not watch it because her pastor said it was unbiblical. I did not find anything against Christianity in that movie, and enjoyed both the book (more) and the movie, and wondered...
  2. Sheila B

    ECT Apostasy and regathering

    I recently heard that after the great falling away, the Jewish people will be brought into the church in wholesale numbers. Then, it will be the Jews who will evangelize the gentiles again back into the church, and then the end will come. It does seem to be what St Paul is saying... Any ideas...
  3. Sheila B

    ECT Truth of Protestantism

    If Protestantism is true, why in 500 years has there not been far more unity? Why the increasing fragmentation of beliefs?