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  1. Mocking You

    Political Ad Captures Tone of Theology Online Politics Section

    Saw this today and immediately thought of Theology Online's politics section. This should be a rollicking political election season. I don't even know who Dan Crenshaw is, but this ad is a doozy. The margins in this forum may be cutting off the full video. If you want to see the full width...
  2. Mocking You

    Trump's Inauguration Musical Performers List

    From the "I only surround myself with the best people" department, I present the musical performers that will be at Trump's inauguration. ----------- 3 Doors Down Toby Keith Lee Greenwood Jackie Evancho Big & Rich Tony Orlando the Rockettes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir The Piano Guys...
  3. Mocking You

    Liberal Hypocrisy

    Paul Krugman, the leftist economics columnist for the New York Times has sure changed his tune, and in a hurry. So what other issues will liberals rediscover now that Trump is President and Obama is out? I submit they will rediscover: Poverty/Homelessness Income disparities Use of...
  4. Mocking You

    Trump in Alternate Universe, Again

    He says Ted Cruz's father was with Lee Harvey Oswald. "His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald being, you know, shot," Trump said during a telephone interview. "I mean the whole thing is ridiculous. What is this? Right? Prior to his being shot. And nobody even brings it up. I...
  5. Mocking You

    Evangelical Christians Agree: Trump Tells it Like it Is

    GARY, IN – Millions and millions of self-described conservative Christian Americans continue to flock to Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump because, as they proudly report time and time again, “he tells it like it is”. “He knows how to make America a winner again because he...
  6. Mocking You

    Trump's Latest Plan to Combat Terrorism

    Trump's latest plan to stop terrorism is to have Bill Gates shut down the Internet. ----------- Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has an idea for stopping ISIS from communicating online. He wants to close the Internet. "We're losing a lot of people because of the Internet," Trump...
  7. Mocking You

    How About a List of People with Multiple User Names?

    Thread title says it all. I suspect some posters either have multiple user names, or have been banned and come back with a new user name. Am I right? If so, how about longtime veterans pitch in and help generate a list of people that have had more than one user name?
  8. Mocking You

    South Carolina Cop Tosses Student Around

    The latest (yesterday) COPS incident. Apparently he is arresting her for not leaving the classroom when asked.
  9. Mocking You

    Florida Cop Murders Dog in Front of Dog Owner

    Warning: graphic video. Taken via the homeowner's security camera (no audio) Cop saw the homeowner's car in the driveway with the door open. Went up to the door and knocked on the door. The door cracks open and as it's swinging open (or just before it opens) the cop is already going to the...
  10. Mocking You

    Uber Conservative Talk Show Host Proposes Slavery for Illegal Immigrants

    A conservative radio talk show host in Iowa wants to turn undocumented immigrants into "property of the state" and forced into labor. "Put up a sign that says at the end of 60 days, if you are not here with our permission, can't prove your legal status, you become property of the state," Jan...
  11. Mocking You

    Where are the Fossilized Remains of Millions of Humans from the Flood?

    Another discussion on TOL about dinosaurs leads me to ask this question. Young Earth Creationists maintain the Great Flood is responsible for the formation of fossils, as well as other geological constructs. If dinosaur fossils are the result of the Flood and we have found dinosaur fossils all...
  12. Mocking You

    Man Interrupts John MacArthur Church Service

    A man claiming to be a prophet sent from God, walked onto the stage at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California and rebuked well known pastor and teacher John MacArthur for his teachings that the spiritual gifts have ceased in today's day and age. The man went right up on stage, whistles...
  13. Mocking You


    Hilarious! One minute and forty-one seconds in length.
  14. Mocking You

    Quran Fragments, Said to Date From Time of Muhammad, Are Found in Britain

    LONDON — Fragments of what researchers say are part of one of the world’s oldest manuscripts of the Quran have been found at the University of Birmingham, the school said on Wednesday. The global significance of the ancient fragments, which sat in the university’s library for about a century...
  15. Mocking You

    Theology Club: What is the Difference Between Molinism and Open Theism?

    Rookie poster in this section, be nice! What is the difference between Molinism and Open Theism? As I understand it Molinism is the idea that God knows the future based on the premise that He knows every possible choice or action a free agent might take in any circumstance. One way to think of...
  16. Mocking You

    Senate Finally Lynches Obama

    The Senate finally voted on Thursday to confirm Loretta Lynch as Obama's next attorney general, with the help of 10 Republicans. She had been nominated on November 8th, 2014. Her confirmation took longer than that for all but two other...
  17. Mocking You

    73 Year Old Police Reservist Accidentally Shoots and Kills Suspect

    Thought he pulled his Taser, not his gun... And yes, it was a white on black shooting, again... ------ A 73-year-old reserve deputy who shot and killed a fleeing suspect Thursday during an undercover operation believed he was holding a Taser, not a gun, when the shooting occurred. The reserve...
  18. Mocking You

    From the "Timing is Everything File"

    In light of the video showing a South Carolina cop executing a person, this story came out today: Austin, Texas – On Tuesday, a bill was filed by Texas Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas), HB 2918, which would turn private citizens who film police into criminals. The bill attempts to...
  19. Mocking You

    Observation: Four of Five Top Threads in Politics Involve Homosexuality

    Four of the top five threads in Politics forum have homosexuality as the subject matter. One thread is 10 years old and has over 4,200 posts, but another one is barely 9 months old and has over 6,800 posts, and is Part III (Continued)! What's the deal?
  20. Mocking You

    Wolf-ette, Wolfie, etc.

    Trying to figure out these terms as used on TOL. It seems to be a derogatory term directed at people that reject or add to the gospel of grace and embrace some sort of a works-based salvation (and there are MANY variations of work-based salvation, including the "P" in TULIP). So when someone...