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  1. BenAvraham

    The Festival of Pentecost/Shavuot (in a nutshell)

    SHAVUOT/PENTECOST What’s it all about? This is the time of year when this “Moed” (appointed time) is celebrated. There are three times when all Israelites were commanded to go up to Yerushalayim to celebrate God’s appointed times, Passover, The Feast of Tabernacles, and the Feast of Weeks...
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    Numbers 1:1-4:20 The first "IDF" (Israel Defense Forces) instituted.

    NUMBERS 1:1-4:20…HOSEAS 2:1-22…LUKE 11:1-12:59 "B'Midbar" (in the wilderness, desert) We start the new Torah Sefer called “Numbers” in English because it talks about “numbering” the tribes of Israel. In the Greek Septuagint we get the Greek word "Arithmoi" from whence we get...
  3. BenAvraham

    Jeremiah 32:6-27 and Luke 7

    JEREMIAH 32:6-27; 16:19-17:14 The prophet, before his people went into exile in Babylon, buys a piece of property, Why? Because Adonai has promised him that he will buy and sell again, build houses, and plant vineyards, AFTER a period of 10 periods of 7 years each. Israel did not...
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    Leviticus 25:1-26:2

    Parasha: “B’Har” (on the Mountain) LEVITICUS 25:1-26:2 “Give it a rest! Will ya?” I am sure you have heard that expression before, or “Give it a rest already!” People tend to say that when one continues in some theme or argues over a point that is not really worth it, HOWEVER, this is what...
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    Ezekiel 44:15-31 and Luke 5:1-6:49

    EZEKIEL 44:15-31 In this prophetic book, the Prophet sees into the future, the future priests of the third temple, (to be built in the near future) the descendants of “Zadok” will be the priests in the millennium, the same high standards are for these priests as well. It also states the...
  6. BenAvraham

    Leviticus 21 - 24, what is God saying to us?

    PARASHAH: “Emor” (Say) LEVITICUS 21:1-24:23 In this parashah study we see more details on the sanctity, Holiness, and comportment of priests. When we read in chapter 21, we read that YHVH is very particular and pays much attention to the physical. We might think that God only looks...
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    Amos 9:7-15 and Luke 2:1-52

    AMOS 9:7-15 Amos Ha Navi (Amos the Prophet) speaks through the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) saying that Yes, Adonai will seek out and punish Israel for their sins, and will search out the kingdoms of the earth where they are at, many will and have been destroyed because of their...
  8. BenAvraham

    Leviticus 19: Be Ye Holy for I AM HOLY

    But all believers have been grafted into the "House of Israel" we are part of that called-out Community. Just like an immigrant moves to a country where he or she is not a part. When that person becomes a citizen, all the laws of that country apply to that immigrant. I live in El Salvador...
  9. BenAvraham

    Leviticus 19: Be Ye Holy for I AM HOLY

    LEVITICUS Chapter 19 This chapter starts with the words; “Ye shall be Holy for I am Holy”. When we look at the original Hebrew we read; “Amarta Aleichem Kadoshim ti’hiyu Ki Kadosh Ani” But there is something different in the two words; “Kadoshim” (ones who are holy) and Kadosh (Holy ONE)...
  10. BenAvraham

    Leviticus 16: "Yom Kippur" yesterday and today

    A look at Leviticus 16, Yom Kippur, This Parashah speaks of the solemn Moed (appointed day) of Yom Kippur. The “Day of Redemption” which is also known as the “Day of Coverings” (Yom HaKipurim). It...
  11. BenAvraham

    2 Kings 4:42-5:19 and Luke 17:11-17

    2 KINGS 4:42-5:19 We read about “Naaman” the Syrian who was healed of his Tzara-at, whatever kind he had, He was healed, not because of anything he could pay Elisha, but what he did in OBEDIENCE and FAITH. He went and bathed in the River Jordan, when down 7 times, again, “7” is YHVH’s perfect...
  12. BenAvraham

    Leaving Egypt...or taking Egypt with you? (Exodus 13:17-17:16)

    We still have the "old nature" because of Adam and Eve's sin, yet the old nature should not "rule over us". We are still sinners, yet our life style is not a "sin-filled life style"
  13. BenAvraham

    A look at Leviticus 12 and 13

    PARASHOT: “Tazriah” (she bears seed) and “Metsora” (infected ones). Leviticus 12 and 13 We are now in El Salvador. New life, reduced living space, new ministry, but still teaching God's Word to those who will listen and learn. Slower WiFi, takes forever for it to connect. Turn on the...
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    Isaiah 43:21-44:23 and Mark 11:1-12:44

    ISAIAH 43:21-44:23 YHVH speaks through the Prophet Yeshayahu and is complaining that Israel has forgotten about God, they no longer bring sacrifices, but are engrossed in sin, He explains that craftsmen will use their skill to make idols, that have no value, what a waste of craftsmanship! They...
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    Getting into Leviticus: (Chapters 1-6)

    Thank you Jared, for your support!
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    Getting into Leviticus: (Chapters 1-6)

    PARASHA: “Vayikra” (and he called) LEVITICUS 1:1-6:7 The basic theme of Leviticus is "Holiness to GOD" and "coming near to Him" We all receive that calling (VaYikra) yet not all respond. As the scriptures say: "Many are called but only a few are chosen". Yet who are those who are chosen...
  17. BenAvraham

    Exodus 35-40 (building and putting together God's dwelling place)

    PARASHA: VaYakhel (and he assembled) and P’Kudei (Accountings of) EX 35:1-38:20 and EX 38:21-40:38…………….1 KINGS 7:13-8:21…………. MARK 9:1-50 Before embarking on this Parasha, there is one point from last week that I would like to bring to light. It is in Exodus 34:7 “Keeping mercy”...
  18. BenAvraham

    Exodus 30:11-34:35

    How did God change the future, interact with the flow of history and change the outcome in this Bible study portion? When we read about the sin of the people of Israel in the account of making the golden calf when Moses was away for 40 days and nights. We read that God is "wroth" with the...
  19. BenAvraham

    Exodus 30:11-34:35 "Can a man "see" the "face" of God and live?"

    Now Moshe gets the second set of tablets, and YHVH gives them to him with these words: “YHVH, YHVH God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and by no means clear...
  20. BenAvraham

    What is PURIM all about? Symbolism in the Book of Esther

    Why do I place this also in "Open Theism?" When we say that God can change the future as He interacts with the flow of History. This is certainly true in the case of Esther. God put her in place to change a possible outcome in history. "No Purim, No Yeshua/Jesus, Know Purim, Know YEshua"...