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  1. One Ugly Christian

    75% of children hospitalized after vaccine in Mexican town

    I'm getting to really like this site, Natural News, but I'm still not totally sold on the conspiracy theory/philosophy. What is true about the "conspiracy" is that, as this story points out, the US media is run by corporate interest. That also, BTW, is one of the things I try to tell my liberal...
  2. One Ugly Christian

    How plumbing (not vaccines) eradicated disease

    How plumbing (not vaccines) eradicated disease This is a good article though limited in scope. It's also funny how a person forgets things like this as I've read articles and have seen several TV specials about how plumbing eradicated diseases in the US but hadn't thought about it in relation...
  3. One Ugly Christian

    Now 35 terrorists training camps in US--up from 22

    Just a few months back I wrote a piece about the 22 camps in America. I did the same in a reply on another forum and was informed that there are now 35. One comment on the...
  4. One Ugly Christian

    Liberals are just S-I-C-K

    Don't dare poor water in the face of a murdering Islamic terrorist even if it saves lives BUT.... Nurse Kathleen Malloy, from Jacksonville, Florida "I worked the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, and when we weren’t busy, I’d go out to help with the newborns. One night I saw a bassinet outside the...
  5. One Ugly Christian

    Republicans should dump elephant, adopt rubber stamp

    I posted a thread or two back in December predicting the RINO's would cave to Obama. But I was wrong--it's much, much worse than I'd "prophesied." Republicans Should Dump The Elephant and Adopt A Rubber Stamp As Their Symbol
  6. One Ugly Christian

    Ron Paul is a liar and a fool

    Article from Paul: America Must Reject Netanyahu’s War Cry on Iran First, he's a liar as Netanyahu never called on the US to declare war on Iran. Second, he's a FOOL if he doesn't know that Iranian leaders have consistently called for the destruction of Israel. In fact, only a few months ago...
  7. One Ugly Christian

    Worst Islamic holistic was against blacks

    History always ignores the plight of the plight of blacks. "Still, castration removes all possibility of breeding more slaves, which meant that Muslims must travel back to Africa to abduct more...
  8. One Ugly Christian

    And liberals are against torture???

    ...against torture of the most vile, murderous of all but what is done to the most innocent they have no problems supporting. The quotes below are from former abortion providers. In the first one the baby is burning to death slowly. I remember seeing the baby move underneath the sack of...
  9. One Ugly Christian

    NASA now only 38% sure 2014 was hottest year; and my solution

    After all the hype (and the coordinated news releases) NASA now says they're only 38% sure 2014 was the hottest year on record. When is the last time you or any scientist said they were X percent sure about some natural phenomena with 10's of thousands of variables? Just shows what phonies they...
  10. One Ugly Christian

    Beautiful cancer girl; video

    This is cute and, even though I am "ugly," touched me. And of course any prayers for this beautiful little girl would be awesome. I'm brave.....and you can be brave.
  11. One Ugly Christian

    I'd give a nice greeting but since I'm Ugly....

    Just kidding :) I live in Alaska, retired, a long way from a theologian but fairly well read in history and the creation/evolution debate. I agree with Bob Enyart the vast majority of the time and may be even more opinionated.