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  1. shagster01

    Is gender identification changable?

    This is a question for people who buy into the idea that one gets to decide one's own gender identification. Is it possible for a person to identify as a woman, go through life changes and realize she is now a man, and later on go back to being a woman again. Or are you supposed to pick an...
  2. shagster01

    Muslims shield Christians at attack

    I'm surprise SD or Musty didn't post this story, as they like to post about Muslim Christan relations all the time, but. . . Their M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets. But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday...
  3. shagster01

    the stoned vs drunk driving study aCW won't like

    The University of Iowa did the first real comparison study on driving under the influence of alcohol vs. marijuana. The results aren't surprising, at least to those of us who have never bought into the hyperbole. While driving intoxicated on alcohol, weed, or prescription meds is NEVER the...
  4. shagster01

    Is this how it's going to be now?

    Sikh Broncos fans say stadium security didn't like turbans SAN DIEGO, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- A group of Sikh men attending a Broncos-Chargers game in California say they were hassled by Qualcomm Stadium security for wearing turbans last Sunday. Three of the men wore Broncos-orange turbans to the...
  5. shagster01

    Kim Davis and the new standard of old laws

    In other threads here about Kim Davis several members have defended her supposed right for an accommodation by stating that when she was elected the laws were different and gay marriage was illegal, therefore she should be allowed to only do the job she was elected to do. Here are some examples...
  6. shagster01

    Breaking the law

    For all of you that support Kim Davis breaking the law.... I assume you have no problem with illegal immigrants breaking the law too, right? Or is breaking laws only ok if you personally disagree with the law being broken?
  7. shagster01

    Religion is a choice. . .

    Religion is a choice, therefore it shouldn't have the same protected rights as things that you are born with. Do you conservatives agree with this? And if not, why should we protect your choice and not others choices?
  8. shagster01

    Woman says she's a gay man

    Yesterday at work I met a woman who identifies as a gay man. She has a husband but wants to be identified as a gay man. This one was kind of new on me. The only time of heard of something close to this is when comedian Eddie Izzard joked about being a male lesbian. Question: Is this a gay...
  9. shagster01

    Should voting be mandatory?

    Obama thinks so. . . I've heard this idea kicked around a few times on this board. How do we offset the influence of big money in politics while fixing the country's abysmal voter turnout rate? President Barack...
  10. shagster01

    Does Jeb have Hillary's email problem? Looks like they all do (except the guy that "literally" wants to use the military to force his will on congress) Both (Jeb and Hillary), it turns out, handled national security issues with their private...
  11. shagster01

    First Lady sticks it to the Saudis

    There was controversy in Saudi Arabia when Michelle Obama refused to cover her head, and even wore pants, while on a condolence visit after the death of the King Abdullah. Some reports are even saying state TV blurred her out. Story here...
  12. shagster01

    These Republicans are correct

    I do like to see these republicans standing up for states rights here. They are correct on this issue. Seven Oklahoma Republicans have come out in opposition to the state’s lawsuit against Colorado for legalizing marijuana. In a Wednesday letter to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt...
  13. shagster01

    How do you picture other members?

    I have spent a good amount of time the last several years talking to people here that I have never actually met or seen in real life. I picture people here certain ways. I figured you all do the same? For example, here is how I picture the following people: ACW - short, fat, with a beard and...