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    Trump and the tax cheat

    Trump continues to tweet his support for the tax cheat. Hmmm, we haven't seen Trump's tax returns, have we? Wanna bet Trump and Manafort have something in commone?
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    North Korea/NFL

    Instead of being concerned about the glacial pace of denuclearization in North Korea, General Bone Spurs takes on the NFL again. Interesting how he allocates his time and effort.
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    Trump and his finances

    The current story is that Donny is all upset the Mueller is about to dig into his finances, that the emoluments case is also proceeding etc. But, he is a wonderful business man, he says so himself. Why all the concern about how he made his $. Why is he not happy to let us all know?
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    Trump and Syria

    So Donald Trump wants others to "take care of Syria". Guess he should be happy now. Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people and Russia calls it "fake news".
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    Trump and Amazon

    So The Donald is banging on Amazon for not paying what he would consider its fair share of taxes. Interesting, but we haven't seen whether he has paid his fair share of taxes, have we?
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    Carrier jobs?

    How many Carrier jobs did Trump save? I think he claimed 1100, union president says more like 700. What is the correct number, Mr. President-elect? Well instead of giving us that #, he tweets that union workers just need to stop talking and work harder. All you former Democratic union voters...
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    Trump's first news conference.

    When do we think this might happen? Yeah, I know, the media hates him and is very unfair. Boo freakin' Hoo. Lets see if he has the courage to standup and answer some questions posed by people who not only don't need to kiss up to him, but have the background information to ask follow up...
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    Trump's newest liberal programs.

    The Trumpeter will provide deductions/tax credits for child care, for those caring for elderly parents, and for maternity leave. So is he a conservative still? Or is he just pandering to women in a last ditch effort. Think it will get through the Republican house?
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    Stripe's Population Doubling Thread

    Closed, appears Stripe-O has thrown in the cowardly towel.
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    Hydroplate and oxygen

    Why is this thread closed? Does Stripe have the key?
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    Matthew 27:53

    Is there any evidence other than the Bible of tombs opening and the dead rising upon Christ's death? One would think such an extraordinary occurrence would have caught the eye of some contemporary witness.