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  1. Arthur Brain

    NIck Fuentes - Loony Or What?

    Well, okay, pretty pointless to make this a poll as obviously this guy is a loony but hey, one that Trump admires apparently and one that MTG was happy to speak about at an event organized by the guy but one in which she supposedly knew nothing about said organizer... What is with the continual...
  2. Arthur Brain

    The Covid Cold...Just How Ignorant...

    Does someone have to be to equate this virus with the common cold? Okay, this is lifted from JR's post on the Corona Scam thread and I can't post on there for whatever censorship reason so here it is: "But NOT literally everyone will suffer terribly from the symptoms. NOT literally everyone...
  3. Arthur Brain

    Giuliani Suspended From Practicing Law In NY Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from practicing law in the state of New York pending further review, according to a new court filing on Thursday. The decision said there is...
  4. Arthur Brain

    MTG Greene has promoted numerous far-right, white supremacist, and antisemitic conspiracy theories including the white genocide conspiracy theory,[6][7] QAnon, and Pizzagate,[8][9] as well as other disproven conspiracy theories, such as false...
  5. Arthur Brain

    Is Anyone Else Getting Some Song That Plays...

    When they log in to the forum on the home or forum page? Only happened the last few days and once I go to the politics or another section it disappears. Darned things annoying.
  6. Arthur Brain

    Trump Inquiry Now Criminal Should be interesting...
  7. Arthur Brain

    Rep. Joseph Chaplik Showing Some Startling Insight

    Into how ignorant he is... Apparently he thinks that masks shouldn't be mandated because nobody wore them during the AIDS crisis in the 80's. Nothing on the far right surprises anymore these days.
  8. Arthur Brain

    Capitol Police Warn Of Threat On March 4th

    And as such have enacted the following: Probably a prudent move but it just goes to show the sad state of affairs with the American far right.
  9. Arthur Brain

    Trump's CPAC Speech

    Um...yeah...this article sums it up rather astutely.
  10. Arthur Brain

    Texas Crisis & Ted Cruz...

    Not good...and certainly not just because of Ted Cruz to be fair...
  11. Arthur Brain

    Trump Impeachment Trial Following Capitol Hill

    The strongest argument is around Trump's failure to do anything, knowing full well what was happening after the invasion IMO, although he certainly fuelled proceedings. Some new footage here for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Kudos to Officer Eugene Goodman in this.
  12. Arthur Brain

    Biden Bars Trump From Intelligence Briefings

    Smart move. Not bad for a man who some pathetically posit suffers from dementia. There's no reason for Trump to know a darn thing, especially if he gets access back to social media and blurts out nonsense all over again...
  13. Arthur Brain

    Canada Declares Far Right Group 'Proud Boys' A Terrorist Entity

    Good, about time.
  14. Arthur Brain

    Michelle Obama Is A Woman

    Yes, it's stating the obvious but after some of the putrid allegations about Barack Obama being married to a man, it seems to need stating again. Seriously, it's one thing to have an utter dislike for a politician, a party or their policies, it's another altogether to indulge in pathetic tripe...
  15. Arthur Brain

    Paula White; Spiritual Adviser Or Con Merchant?

    This was Trump's "spiritual" adviser after Or maybe the more pertinent question is: How did this con artist get to be Trump's adviser in any capacity to start with?
  16. Arthur Brain

    Is Q-Anon Anti Trump?

  17. Arthur Brain

    For Those Who Still Insist That There Was Election Fraud

    What's the deal? There's only a few more days until...
  18. Arthur Brain

    Nazism left wing? Well...

    No. Not that this is any sort of revelation to people on the sane side of any given spectrum of course.
  19. Arthur Brain

    The Kraken...Carries On Sleeping...

    This is going nowhere. Yet more embarrassment for the Trump team...
  20. Arthur Brain

    Is An Adult Having Sex With A Ten Year Old Guilty Of Child Rape?

    Well, obviously they are but in a related thread it's postulated from certain quarters that a five year old can be charged, tried and executed for murder so if the ten year old was a "willing participant" then they're just as culpable as the adult aren't they? After all, it's hardly likely that...