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  1. CRASH

    He was a dirty stinkin Homo

    Internet Forum Postings Reported To Be Those Of Colorado Church Shooter Matt Murray December 11, 2007 Late yesterday we were able to locate an online forum in which many of the users believe Matt Murray was a member and regular poster. Several of his posts have been removed, but the few...
  2. CRASH

    Minerva is getting Married!!!!!

    As many of you know, Minerva has been planning to get married :cloud9: in part because some of us here at TOL have encouraged her to get it done!:jump: The final plans have been completed and the date has been set as December 7! For back ground please see the following two threads; 1. 2...
  3. CRASH

    Minerva's Official Wedding Thread!

    Minerva :jump: will give an update every 2 or 3 days at this thread and has given permission to post our PM conversations!:drum: As you can see she is working to get things organized! :) Here is the last set of PM's we traded; MINERVA: Here's the deal. The license is $45. I figure dinner at...
  4. CRASH

    Fabulous articles for homeschool parents

    =261&tx_ttnews[backPID]=3"]This is a 5 part article with great advice on parents relationships with thier children and how great or horrible things can be.. Do you ever wonder why some homeschool Christian children reject the Lord? If you are or will be a homeschool parent read this link...
  5. CRASH

    Public Schools are Sin!

    Is it a sin to send you children to Public School? Christians should pull thier kids out! Now! The idea is to promote a new religion, which is really an old religion... Government schools tell your Christian children that this is Okay!~ Real Christians say...Escape before they destroy...
  6. CRASH

    ARCHIVE: Is it ever OK for a Christian to hate someone?

    Is it ever OK for a Christian to hate someone? We debated this topic 5 years ago at TOL and it was very enlightening. Some said yes and some said no. What say you?